Karan Khanna joins the cast of COLORS’ Udaariyaan

Karan Khanna is all set to enter Udaariyaan to bring a new twist to the show.

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Karan Khanna

Colors' ongoing show ‘Udaariyaan’, continues to entertain the audiences with the journey of Alia (Played by Alisha Parveen), Armaan (Played by Anurag Chahal), and Aasma (Played by Aditi Bhagat) as they’re entwined in a love triangle. In the ongoing storyline, Armaan reaches a pivotal moment where he grapples with his guilt over causing pain to Aasma. He decides to reveal the truth about their wedding to Aasma. 

Later, he takes a drastic step by asking Alia to leave their house, a move that deeply affects her and leaves her seething with anger. In response to this unexpected twist, Alia takes a bold step, declaring that she will marry Kabir if Armaan does not register their marriage within the next 48 hours. Will Armaan fight for his love? 

Amid the swirling emotions and uncertainties in the storyline, Aasma finds herself pleasantly surprised by the return of her childhood friend, Kabir, who returns from Canada to be by her side. His unexpected arrival serves as a beacon of hope in the midst of the chaos. Upon arriving, he expresses his desire to re-establish a connection with Aasma, demonstrating genuine concern for her well-being, especially since she's married into a traditional family. He aims to take care of her and find out that is she happy in her current life

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Talking about his entry in the show, Karan Khanna says,* “I’m elated to be associated with COLORS once again. ‘Udaariyaan’ has been winning hearts season after season and I feel blessed to be a part of this popular show. I will be essaying the role of Kabir, who is a childhood friend of Aasma. My entry in the show will change the dynamics of the plot and will bring a twist in the lives of Aasma and Armaan."

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