Karan and Nicole disappoint judges..

Karan Singh Grover and Nicole were the lowest scorers this week in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's Semi Final episode..

Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa will see the Top Four contestants battling it out in the Semi Final Round this week. Every contestant will be performing on two
different acts.

Karan Singh Grover
was the one to score the lowest marks this week. Talking about his first act, our source says, "Karan and Nicole performed on the Tapori theme on the number 'Main Laila Laila', wherein Karan was the patient and Nicole, the nurse.  Saroj Khan felt that Karan could not fit in the character of the tapori guy. He was doing it because he was supposed to do it. Vaibhavi said that the effort could be seen, but it was not a phadu performance. The duo got 25 points for the act".

Their second act was on a contemporary dance form where they had to dance accordingly to the rewind, pause, stop, fast forward effects. "The number they danced on was Tere Bin from Bas Ek Pal. The judges were all praise for the concept and style. However, Vaibhavi felt that Karan did very less of dancing, while Nicole was at her best. Juhi also agreed to Vaibhavi, and said that her scores will reflect her mind. The duo managed to get a meager 18 out of 30 for this act, which gave them a grand total of 43 out of 60 for the week", explains our khabroo.

Well, looks like Karan will have to tighten his grip on the dance floor to win this competition from here…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (154)

Gauhar did many mistakes in her disco dance but also she got nice marks and Karan always low marks y ?
u all were cheaters....ksg is always winner 4 us...go to hell wid ur jdj.....ur jdj was popular only coz karan was there.....
ksg is best...and he is best dancer.......idiot judges were blind

13 years ago

Gauhar did many mistakes in her disco dance but also she got nice marks and Karan always low marks y ?

14 years ago

@ishan_chaingang r u sure but how does it happened i wanted her 2 win i thought gauhar is going 2 be out in this episode

14 years ago

i fail to understand why the judges asked Karan about him not dancing in the second act..well isn''t Nicole''s suppose to answer this question doesn''t she choreograph the dance... if Karan can score a 29 in two episodes then i think Nicole should e blamed for getting him to the lowest score..
Karan come on aren''t you fed up of the accusations and comments of the judges ,can''t you pull up your socks and shut them up...no doubt i will vote for you but do you want to win with people saying that ..Karan is not a deserving candidate...i believe you are the deserving one..please please please do the FAADO DANCE THEY WANT TO SEE ....hope you do not come in dance off...or then your fate will be in the hands of the judges....ALL THE BEST

14 years ago

hey karan.........
all the best for the finals...........







14 years ago

I m really vry vry vry angry with Nicole...I hav seen the clip of their first performance..It was really vry vry funny......it was hillarious....His second performance was much better than the first..but still in the second round he got 18..what is this happening...

But Karan don''t worry we will surely vote for u...I know u will definitely give ur best in the next performance....so best of luck..

Guys pl. vote for him....

14 years ago

plzz. vote 4 karan .....he will definitely do his best in the next performance.....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vote !!!

14 years ago

all those who dun lyk karan get this straight karan is the best ,,,,......karan dsrvs to win this show no matter wat and all ppl please vote fr karan .....he;s really working hard and needs all our support KARAN SINGH GROVER ISDA BEST AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SO ,,,,,,,,,,,,PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PZL PLZ OTE KARO DUN SLEEP

14 years ago

hey karan dnt u wry........ vw''ll all vote 4 u ...
i will double triple vote 4 u...........
u wnt b out.....
i hates those judges n i m sure u will definately win d trophhy........

14 years ago

WTF............i hate all the judges.....dont they have any other work than to accuse karan!................bt I wl vote and he wont be out........

14 years ago

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