Karan and Kritika call the shots..

The much in love duo took for a long drive during work hours, thus halting the shoot of their show for more than two hours..

It seems as though the new love birds of the industry, Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra, the protagonists of NDTV Imagine's Kitani
Mohabbat Hai have really gotten comfortable, now that the entire world knows of their relationship.

According to our source, "Recently, it so happened that the shoot on the sets of Kitani had to be halted for more than two hours, as the duo was busy romancing. Karan and Kritika had taken off for a drive during work hours, and this created an unrest in the unit. The news even reached Ekta, and it is heard that she is very unhappy about the whole thing and is fuming with anger".

We talked to Vikas Gupta, Creative Director of the show, but he refused to comment.

Well, this has to a wakeup call for Karan and Kritika so that they take their work seriously!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Kritika Kamra

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Karan Kundrra

Comments (48)

uff yeh zamana, pyar karne walon ka dushman lol

14 years ago

Wow talk about immaturity...karan ur 24 n leaving work to romance kinda funny but ur not in college lol but it's cute in a way tho lol

14 years ago

i''mmm sooooooooooo happy!!!
yea.....ohhhhhh ekta c''mon plz dnt be a wall in their real life as u r in ther reel life.....
keep on going...

14 years ago

Heyy Kritika looks like Kareena Kapoor in this picture...

14 years ago

it''s good to hear that they are together, but they have to concentrate on their work as well. being in a relationship doesn''t give you the freedom to go and leave the sets while work is there to romance. if have free time, then you can do whatever you choose.

14 years ago

Neetu 2825

Thats so funny hahahahaha

14 years ago

lol dont piss off kekta guyzzzz!!! go on yr drives in free tym!! =))

14 years ago

Cute for Karanika to go for a drive, but they shouldn''t be irresponsible towards work.

14 years ago

lol..whats to big deal..they had nice time together..thats the best thing

14 years ago

2 hrs is LONG... could they have been stuck in traffic?? it''s still negligent behaviour..but perhaps not so irresponsible...

14 years ago

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