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Karam Yash Tonk Ka :Chit Chat

The flamboyant and elegant looking Yash Tonk talks about his Dual Role in the Balaji Telefilms serial "Karam Apnaa Apnaa".

Published: Wednesday,May 02, 2007 14:32 PM GMT-06:00
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We have seen him rock on television as well as Movies. Yash Tonk the extremely talented and extremely good looking man is again doing a Double Role in Karam Apnaa Apnaa. Looks like “Double Role” has become the Trademark of this star, he was first seen in a Double Role in Kahiin Kisi Roz. So let us find out from the Star himself, lets take a into the Karam of Yash, Can we?

1. You are playing a double role now in Karam Apna Apna.  How does it feel?  Is it a challenging task to fit into two roles in the same serial?

Yash: It is very challenging, but stressful. We need to bring in a difference in the dual roles we play. Usually the scene is shot in split frames, where the each character occupies one side of the frame. We need to keep track of very minute details, like positioning, we need to be technically correct. Once I finish the scene of one character, I need to quickly move into the other frame and enact the other role.

2.  Talk about the two different roles you play in KAA. How are they different?

Yash: Shiv is very aggressive and serious. is cute and flamboyant. This cute and flamboyant attitude of helps more in showcasing the dynamic and aggressive attitude of Shiv. Even if we play a double role, it is the way of thinking that gives a clear differentiation to the characters.

2. Bollywood has been famous for multiple role characters - from Amitabh to SRK. Many film stars have tried their hands on playing several characters in the same film.  So is there any particular film that you really liked that had multiple characters played by the same actor?

Yash: I really like the role of Sanjeev Kumar in Naya Din Nayi Raat… Also the role of Dilip Kumar in Ram aur Shyam comes to my mind.

3. How has been the experience of playing a character with such a unique dialect?  Did you do any research?

Yash: No, I have an advantage there. I am from Haryana, so I did not have to do any research. But yes, I needed to improvise when it comes to mannerisms. When you are performing a double role, you need to take care of the limitations of each character. We need to set boundaries for both characters. For Example: If one character just smiles and does not laugh, then I need to get the laughter into the other character. So such minute details need to be taken care of, even though both the characters are different, both should be loved by audience. It is just that the 2nd character needs to complement the 1st and the 1st needs to complement the 2nd… Only then will the double role look nice and acceptable.

4. What are the positive aspects of playing multiple roles in one serial according to you?  Any negatives you can think of? (Ahem, do you get paid double)

Yash: (Laughs)I perform two roles for one cheque. If I would get 2 cheques, then probably I will end up doing all the roles so that I get many cheques.

Anyways, the Negatives coming out of a double role is that, there is too much of exposure, it is stressful, audience will get an overexposure of you. Watching 2 roles in one serial might at times get boring, when it comes to the actor. But I am pretty excited about my roles, hope the audience loves it…

Positives: It is very challenging to do double roles. I am a very passionate person, I am really satisfied with whatever I am playing. Double roles give you a chance to show your talent to the viewers. Basically, there are more positives coming out than negatives.

5. If you were offered a serial in which you had to play seven roles, what would you say?

Yash: No, never!!! It really hurts to play a double role for long. It is too stressful a job. So a big no to seven roles. (Grins)

Friends, Keep Watching Karam Apnaa Apnaa as Yash Tonk is ready to give you all a Double Dose with his Dual Role!!!

Reporter: Srividya  Rajesh
Contact Writer: PM Sree

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Singh23 @Singh23 16 years ago this movies gonna be great, susmita is soooo greatly cast
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Pasha @Pasha84 15 years ago thanxxx alot he is done &* dopign a gr8 job
love it as shiv & samar
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saba @luv_pavi 15 years ago yeahh 1 thing thatt kaa roxx nd doubleee is stressfull yashh is soo muchh talenteddd actorr guddd luckkk yashhhh nd keepp workin in kaa
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Shaitaan Anu @diyafah 16 years ago sree mommy!! i lovee this chit chat!!itz veryy nice!!!=D
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