Kapil, a master in horse-riding..

Kapil Nirmal has mastered horse riding so well that recently, he had some tips to offer his co-actors, as they shot for a horse-riding sequence...

The crew of Star Plus' Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat shot for a horse riding sequence recently with Yudhister (Kapil Nirmal), Rudra (Amit Dua) and Nandini (Ira Soni).

According to our source, "Amit Dua who plays Rudr was so dedicated that he reached the spot three hours before schedule, so that he could learn horse riding and perform the scene better. However, Ira was really scared to even get near the horse and was very nervous throughout the shoot. But leaving the other two far behind was Kapil Nirmal who performed really well as he knew to ride a horse confidently".

Kapil is quite adventurous in real life, and loves to ride a horse. "I had been waiting for long to get a horse riding sequence again in the show. When I had to shoot for a horse-riding scene in the show earlier, I had undertaken a 6-7 hours long coaching, and that has made me a very confident horse rider today", quips Kapil.

Ask him whether he had some tips to give Amit and Ira before the shoot sequence, and the actor states, "I told them to be confident and concentrate while riding. Aakhir ghode jaisa wafadaar koi jaanwar nahi hota, as you just need to hold on to its grip and concentrate, and you will have no problems!!".

"I also told them that this is a good chance to learn horse riding, free of cost (smiles). In fact, when I got the chance to learn it the first time, I put my mind and soul, and mastered horse riding in one day", concludes the actor.

Hope Ira and Amit took Kapil's advice and got victorious in riding the horse!!

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Kapil Nirmal

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Amit Dua

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oh kapil my hero i knew you are the best

15 years ago

Thanks TB for the article. So Kapil''s a master at horseriding...now why is that not surprising?!

15 years ago

lool hes sooo sweet
likin the whole horseridin comes free thing lol

15 years ago

Thank you TB really good article!

Kapil was extremely good at horse riding he looked amazing we RKAB girls really enjoyed it! we are also dying to see Yudi teach Rani some horse riding if you could pass that on to Kapil when you next talk to him please!

Thanks TB!

15 years ago

Darsh - what Anjali don''t know, won''t hurt her!

And I forgot to mention it before but thanks TB

15 years ago

Jennie dear, you want Kapil to teach u horse riding??? Need to get permission from our angel Anjali then!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

Hmmm Kapil ..Is there anything u cant do my prince...*droollllsss over*

15 years ago

aww kapil is there anything u cannot do? ur putting the rest of ur costars to shame with your amazing neverending talents!!! thx 4 article!! x

15 years ago

Great going Kapil!!! Keep it up. And thanks TB for the article

15 years ago

Thanks for the info. Wow he really likes to give his best in everything he does.

15 years ago

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