Kanwar Dhillon opens up about the dream of making his mark on big screen

Kanwar Dhillon opens up about the dream of making his mark on the big screen, says," Bollywood has been my childhood dream & I will only venture into films when the right opportunity comes along"

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Kanwar Dhillon

Kanwar Dhillon has proven his acting prowess with different roles over the years on television. His most recent role of Shiva Pandya in Star Plus’s ‘Pandya Store’ was a hit among the viewers, and major credit goes to the conviction with which he played the role. As actors have lately been working across mediums, Kanwar opens up on whether the transition between mediums is actually as smooth as it appears.

The actor shares that there are differences between the processes of transitioning for actors from film and television. He says, “Bollywood actors often have the luxury of exploring television roles, but the scenario is quite different for television actors venturing into Bollywood. Aside from senior actors like Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor, younger television actors often face challenges in securing diverse roles in Bollywood films. It seems that television actors don't receive the recognition they deserve when transitioning to the big screen. Personally, I want to choose the right film to pave my way to Bollywood because it has to be on par with my television work or offer substantial growth opportunities. I'm not interested in appearing on the big screen for the sake of visibility; the role has to be truly worth it. On the other hand, the distinction between television and OTT platforms is becoming increasingly blurred. Many talented actors are finding their due recognition on streaming platforms, where experimentation and character development are more accessible. This shift towards OTT is positive, allowing actors to explore and play diverse roles in limited durations, unlike the typical TV roles.”

Kanwar shares that he, too, dreams of making his mark on the big screen, but it is not something to rush into, “In my personal journey, my childhood dream was always to become a Bollywood hero, to see myself on the silver screen and make a lasting impact in the Bollywood industry. However, I'm fully aware of the harsh reality that comes with this dream. I began my career in television, understanding that all it takes is that one perfect project to pave the way for a successful transition into films. I am very conscious of my decision to enter the world of cinema; I don't want to rush into it just to see myself on the big screen. It has to be a worthwhile endeavour because I know I might only get one or two chances, and I don't want to squander those opportunities. I've taken this step because none of the offers I've received so far have excited me. Naturally, when you start in television and aspire to make a mark in the film industry, films like those of the late Sushant Singh Rajput become the ultimate dream for every actor. I hope that someday I will also be a part of a remarkable film, and I am confident that it will happen.”

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Talking about changes he would like to see in the film and television industries, he says, “I would want to see the Television working hours to be reduced to 8-10 hours against the 12-14 hours which we actors shoot. Additionally, I'd like to see a change in the payment structure. Instead of waiting for 90 days, I believe payments should be made at the end of each month. I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can make these changes in my contract, and I have a good understanding with my producers.”

He adds, “In terms of changes I'd like to see in the film industry, I believe it's important to view TV actors differently and offer them bigger roles. They shouldn't be judged simply because they work in television. There's a wealth of talent among TV actors with diverse skills and abilities, and these talents should be explored on a larger scale. I have a deep love for Bollywood, and it remains my ultimate dream and goal. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be a part of it in the near future.”

We are sure with Kanwar Dhillon’s skill and focus, he is surely going to be doing great things in future. The journey for him and his fans is certainly going to be a meaningful one.

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