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Kanwar Dhillon on ShiVi's love story in Pandya Store: There will be a final reaching point but we have to wait

India Forums got in touch with Kanwar and we asked him as of now, where does he see Raavi and Shiva's story going ahead and how would he like for it to go ahead. Here's what he said.

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Kanwar Dhillon

Pandya Store on Star Plus has been constantly churning out a lot of drama and it continues to attract its fans with the twists and turns that keep coming in. One of the most recent twists is all that has been happening between Raavi (Alice Kaushik), Shiva (Kanwar Dhillon), and Disha's characters.

India Forums got in touch with Kanwar and we asked him as of now, where does he see Raavi and Shiva's story going ahead and how would he like for it to go ahead. To this, he said, ''I see their love story going ahead in a beautiful way, they will have a lot of obstacles and hurdles to cross, and that is how I would like for it to go ahead. Because if it is a simple love story and they tell 'I love you' to each other then there will not be any fun, drama, or masala in that. And I think Shiva and Raavi's life and love story and as individuals, they are incomplete without masala and tadka, so the bitter-sweet additions to their love story is what will keep everyone entertained, including us, or else it will become stagnant.''

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He concludes by saying, ''There will be a final reaching point of course, where they will both get out of their comfort zones where they will say that they love each other because they know it without saying it. I would love to see it turning out to be a beautiful love story but until then, we have to wait for it.''

Well, we sure seem to totally agree with Kanwar and we are also sure that all the Shivi fans can't help but wait to see what he said happen eventually. For the longest time now, this is all they've been waiting for.

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GrilledCheese 2 months ago Looking forward to ShiVi's reunion in Pandya Store. Hopefully before episode 300 😂
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Shivi_forever 2 months ago Love Pandya Store. Waiting for Shivi's reunion
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Palak2812 2 months ago After ruining every first we r still waiting from last 6 months+ for Shivi to have atleast talk once. But we r getting every nonsense except progress in their relationship and MU and toxicity just keeps on increasing specially from last 4 months.
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Phoebe16 2 months ago We have to wait. What are we doing from 4 months now. The makers have lost their mind. They ruined shiva character completely. They ruined all Shivi's firsts. Ab Kya baaki hai. Its a beautiful lovestory. Seriously.
This is the worst track ever. Ughhhhh.
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MamiKBehenKBeti 2 months ago Can't wait for this day to come for Shiva and Raavi!

The only two characters that have me hooked to Pandya Store!
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