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Kanwar Dhillon of Pandya Store: Marriage sequences are terribly hectic but worth it

Kanwar Dhillon spoke to India Forums about shooting for the dance sequence, and also, what goes into shooting for marriage sequences at large.

Published: Thursday,Mar 24, 2022 15:02 PM GMT-06:00
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Kanwar Dhillon

Star Plus show Pandya Store has been garnering a lot of love for its beloved duo Shiva and Raavi, i.e. actors Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik. And with the ongoing track surrounding 'Shivi ki shaadi', Kanwar spoke to India Forums about shooting the same, and also, what goes into shooting for marriage sequences at large. 

He tells us,

''This particular song sequence was fun to shoot, Bollywood masala numbers, and these kind of dance sequences are my forte and I enjoy shooting them. Coming to shaadi sequences, they are terribly hectic because of the outfits, and the attire and all the ornaments that you wear. It gets tedious and it goes on forever (smiles), till you wrap the sequences up.''

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He added,

''It is good, but you have to bear the brunt and the heat and the claustrophobia that comes with it, but at the end, it looks so beautiful and aesthetic on screen that it ends up being worth it, and I can't really wait for people to look forward to Shiva-Raavi ki Shaadi because they are going to love it and the entire sequence has been shot very nicely. I look forward to the responses from fans and well wishers.''

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode will see Dhara getting Raavi ready for the wedding. However, Raavi is under the influence of the laughing gas and keeps on laughing while she speaks. Now, the family tries to put laughing gas on Shiva. After a failed attempt, they are certain that in the second attempt they'll be able to spray the gas on him. If that's not enough, there's more drama follow, and well, it'll only be interesting but also lovely 

Kanwar Dhillon Pandya Store 

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spdp 4 months ago Agree Kanwar, and appreciate all the hard work! As you said, at the end the final outcome is worth it. Shaadi tracks bring the upbeat mojo to shows. In mundane routines, watching those on screen brings fun & joy!
ShiVi ki Shaadi - happywali, marzi wali was much awaited track for all Pandyastore fans. Young & old, onApp viewers, social media or trp viewers.
Wish the track was executed in a better way, comedy was kept crisp, Equal family drama (dev,Hardik, Krish & Gaumbi did good)
ShiVi scenes were more , ShiVi conversations were more & followed by showing their inner turmoil, confusions, happiness, feelings in monologues. There is a big disconnect there by writers-creatives.

They focused 75% time of this track on showing Bhabhi ki Plotting, bhabhi ke monologues, bhabhi ka justification.
Rest 25% was all others: ShiVi, family all. Big mistake as always by writers. Their obsession with Bhabhi is causing this show drop. Everytime.
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Yahvi 4 months ago Shiva Raavi ki shadi track nhi hai ye Dhara bhabhi ka sasta criminal track hai.. Actors work hard but storyline naam ki bhi koi cheez hoti hai jo sadly is show me nhi hai.. Total talent waste... Such good actors like Alice & kanwar, it could have been a sequence filled with angst, longing, confrontation & heartfelt reunion but they made it into sasta comedy & crime petrol of bhabhi
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mpks1 4 months ago I am watching this show only for few actors and Kanwar Dhillon is one of them. Being an ardent fan of the original show which this version is based on, I wish the writing was much better here. The actors are doing a wonderful job with what they have been given but the audience and fans are having a tough time connecting with certain tracks and the treatment of it. And the TRP going down is proving it. I hope we get some good writing and tracks going forward where everything is relatable and sensible. I see this as a family show and love to see progress in all the characters.
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