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Kanwar Dhillon lashes out at Shiva-Raavi fans who send death and rape threats to 'Pandya Store' co-star Simran

Finally, Kanwar Dhillon aka Shiva opened up on the recent controversy related to the co-stars of 'Pandya Store'.

Published: Sunday,Jan 16, 2022 11:39 AM GMT-07:00
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Kanwar-Alice, Simran and Shiny

'Pandya Store' is one of the most loved shows of Indian Television right now. The show has three couples and the fandom of the show is divided into three sections wherein viewers love and cherish the chemistry of their favorite couple among the three jodis. Shiva and Raavi played by Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik enjoy a massive fan-following.

However, some times the fans get quite obsessed with the love for their favorites and thus indulge in putting down the other characters. This has happened time and again with many celebrities and actors often ignore the negativity on social media. Things went overboard lately as a few fans claiming them to be from the Shiva-Raavi fanclub attacked Simran Budharup and Shiny Doshi who play the characters of Rishita and Dhara respectively in 'Pandya Store'.

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Simran received death threats and rape threats from ShiVi fans. The actress who's known for not taking anything lying down, finally reacted to the hate comments. She went LIVE with the fan and tried to have a conversation. The fan seemed quite young. The actress also shared the snaps of things that ShiVi fans have been commenting for her.

Have a look at the video:

Simran has filed a cyber-bullying case on the user. Alice Kaushik who plays the character of Raavi in the show posted a series of Instagram stories and reacted to the matter. The actress was visibly disappointed with her fans resorting to harrassing her co-stars. She condemned the act strongly and also mentioned that because of a handful of fans, the entire fandom is getting blamed.

This afternoon, Kanwar Dhillon who plays the role of Shiva in the show spoke about the controversy. The actor said that people who've been sending rape threats and claiming to be his and Alice's fans are certainly not their fans. He suggested that such people should stop using ShiVi's (Shiva-Raavi) picture as a DP and should put up their genuine pictures so that people should know who they really are. He also condemned the act and strongly lashed out at such fans. He later suggested that the people who're responsible should immediately apologize to Shiny and Simran and refrain from doing such acts again.

What are your views on this matter? Hit the comment section below.

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Bee222 4 months ago Yikes. Sometimes I forget how toxic SM can be. Instead of showering love on their favourites.. they shower hate on the others. Hiding behind a screen and sending abuses and rape threats? As terrible as that already is, what makes it worse is that it's all for a fictional show. A FICTIONAL SHOW. Come out of your bubble and SEE what you're doing, will you? You're degrading your own life as much as theirs!

Honestly, what a disgusting and pathetic life these kids are living. Shame on their parents for not teaching them good values. Covid times pe when all the kids are on the internet for something or the other, all the more responsibility on the parent to monitor their activities. At this age, it's so easy to stray.

Good that the actress is filing an official complaint.
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Chir-Cute 4 months ago I happened to see the Insta live of Simran where she connected with the user who had been abusing her. It was so evident from the voice that the girl was very young and probably even less than 16. It is so sickening to note teenagers create accounts just for cyberbullying purposes. You don't like an actor or character, then just move on from it. Focus on your favourites. You don't have to degrade other actors just to make your favourites seem superior. That's not how it works. During these lockdowns and the entire covid period, there is a moral responsibility on the adults in the house to actually keep track of the sites and activities of their underage children on the internet and especially on social media sites. Not having time to check their activities is not an excuse. Of course, while you do that ensure, that you do not disrespect boundaries as well. Teach your children the important lessons on boundaries and respecting other people's privacy. It is really sad to see children stooping to this level. A female sending death and rape threats to another... disgusting. As if, females already do not have enough problems to deal with in life.
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Juhi_04 4 months ago Why can't people not talk about Shiny and Simran being victims on serious issue just because of some harmless covid joke and them degrading ShiVi fandom? Iss hisaab se to Sumona and Bharti should never act like victims on facing such situations because of them making harmless jokes on various topics on comedy show. It's childish and senseless to bring one irrevalent covid related harmless joke topic again and again just to defend your fandom. It's same like a girl gets abused and instead of supporting her we should say that don't call her victim since she posted some so-called joke on social media which may be wrote as a harmless joke(but actually becomes a tool for some opportunistic people to use it against the people they hate). Fandom ke chakkar me itna neeche na giro ki baad me uthna mushkil ho jaaye. The world is a big bad place which many people whose lives revolve around one fictional couple don't realise leading them to be ignorant and conveniently go to any lengths to target the people they hate.
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Red_eyes94 4 months ago I never saw this show but hearing news like this is a shame
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ChickenSoup 4 months ago The shows are such plies of garbage. What more can we expect from these trash fans of trash shows?
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BeyondHorizon 4 months ago Glad Kanwar and Alice bashed them. What kind of fans are they? Shame on them! And their parents for raising such brats and being ignorant of what they do.
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Palak2812 4 months ago Well honestly
Whoever is doing this shit needs to be punished. Bcoz limits should never be crossed.
But as KD and Alice said they aren't their fans rather abusers who have nothing else to do.

But let's not talk about Simran and Shiny be victims when they have left no chance in degrading the fandom and worst her co stars too who r still standing up for them and their insensitive comments on Covid and being irresponsible during such tough times.
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N1182044 4 months ago This content is hidden.
Arko1 4 months ago Seriously here the topic is about on actor getting brutally abused receiving rape and death threats and these vile GOOD FOR NOTHING fans are trying to divert the whole topic towards some covid joke crap to get away from the shameful blame they received for their own wrongdoing. Officially F.YOU to these fans from me as an ashamed citizen #KuchTohSharmKaro !!
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Raingoddess 4 months ago So glad someone finally filed a complaint! So much hate was being spread by obsessive fandoms for way too long! Twitter/IG is full of some of the nastiest comments about the entire cast! Not sure about IF. So uncalled for since no one knows who started what. To them, only their idols are victims. No matter what their personal equation is, Simran does not deserve to be at the receiving end of those threats! So disturbing, esp since the person sounds so young! Not
a fan of Kanwar but glad he spoke up. Fans love crossing their limit and make things worse for their favorites. People love questioning the intention of the person filing the complaint and at the same time will say women should speak up. Wow! Anyway hope this is sorted out soon!
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