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Kanwar Dhillon: I think the fans can never get enough of Shiva-Ravi or Alice-Kanwar together

India Forums got in touch with Kanwar Dhillon and we asked him what does he feel about fans wanting to see more of ShiVi with the focus shifting on Dhara in Pandya Store. Here's what he told us.

Published: Friday,Dec 17, 2021 10:51 AM GMT-07:00
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Kanwar Dhillon

Pandya Store on Star Plus is currently witnessing a lot of drama and right now, there's immense attention on Dhara and Gautam and everything happening along. Now, India Forums got in touch with Kanwar Dhillon and we asked him what does he feel about fans wanting to see more of ShiVi with the focus shifting on Dhara.

He tells us, ''I think the fans can never get enough of Shiva and Ravi or Alice and Kanwar together, they just keep wanting more and more which is a good feeling, to be loved so much from people because this is what we work for. At the same time, Pandya Store is an ensemble show and every character and every couple has its own journey, which will be established and should happen too. If they only show Shiva Raavi, how much will they show, so we need a break too and I don't think it's like Shiva and Raavi are not visible, they're also there, other things are also happening.''

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He added further, ''I think there should be a fair balance of everything in the storyline and it's going well. Fans will get to see a lot of Shiva and Raavi scenes, I think they have gone bonkers over the love story that has just begun now and there are only more and more things ahead. Fans won't be disappointed at all, they are going to love what's coming ahead and I can't wait to see their reactions to the track that's coming up.''

Meanwhile Pandya Store also features Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Mohit Parmar, among others. As for the numbers too, the show has been doing well and fans are now looking forward to what is ahead.

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priya185 4 months ago They look very cute together
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Palak2812 🇮🇳 4 months ago Love Shivi
Love KDice

But not liking the show

It is just not about Shivi but about what they are showing us.
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Shivi_forever 🇮🇳 4 months ago Love Pandya Store. Love Shivi
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spdp 4 months ago Yes Exactly!
It is Ensemble cast - it was like that until Haveli danda kaand.
After that everything has become only & only about BHABHI.
Bhahi ki khushi+dukh+stress+bachcha+tyag+mahaanta+balidan+ivf+shaq+yeh+woh+bakwas..... unlimited.

Loan Kaand was Devta's -- bhabhi jumped in with ivf+jwellery.
Bacchcha was Gautam ka bhi -- Bhabhi screamed hatyara like is possessed (proven yesterday- she is forever possesed) - zero sensitivity to father's pain. until bhabhi needs her minion pati for more love scenes (sickly repetitive & unnecessary)

Coming to ShiVI -- Every conversation they had, every scene they had were about Bhabhi. They have just been out of divorce kaand- disusterous phase of their life- where are their talks about themselves?
Why Shiva acts always under spell of kasam/balidaan of either Sumanmaa or BhabhitheMaa? Why does Raavi have to go extra mile for DharaDi, when Dharadi shrugs her off in front of Anita?

SHiVi are loved! YES. not only in the Pandya store- in every single regional version of this show!
It is their bachpan ki story to now, it is their unique juxtaposed relationship, that has the pull!

Magic hai toh hai!! why are makers hell-bent on dampening it?

Small ShiVi scenes are given- that too by breaking them apart in few pieces by editors! Lollipop as fans say it- uske bhi tukde!
(Still fans join them all & make them trend)

Bhabhi ke premscenes go on uninterupred.- full 8-15 mins min.
KirKir samosa bites go uninterrupted- full 5 mins min.
Devta scenes are barely given - and they get combined with ShiVi breaks too.
Bhabhi ki any & all kind of ott reactions are shown at a stretch- uninterrupted.

Yes! Break sab ko milta hai- but bhabhi is always omnipresent- her bodydouble gets more screen space than some characters - like Hardik or missing mama. contd.
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Pottermeow 4 months ago Dear Mr Dhillon,
Agreed that viewers love watching Shivi scenes, but we would love it even more if there was proper conversation between them.
Romance is great, but there's only so far a story can be carried solely on it.
I enjoyed the apology scene so much more than the hand touching roti scene, for instance. It's improving, yes, but it would be wonderful if this improvement stayed consistent and took them to a better place.
PS Mr Dhillon, where does Shiva sleep on the show right now? Still in the aangan? 🥺🥺🥺
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mpks1 4 months ago I absolutely agree with KD as its an ensemble vast and everyone’s story needs to be told. My only grievance with tje show and the writing, lack of meaningful conversation between Shiva and Raavi. Just romantic scenes won’t cut it for me. I prefer one meaningful conversation about them atleast once or twice a week.
Bhabhi ko doondo mission took a long time and wasted the screen space, so did the conman, who took much space in yesterday’s episode. These could have been cut short and still shown that Dhara was cheated.
I love the presence of Janu and Mami for comic relief. Krish for his one-liners and but sometimes his insensitive behavior is off-putting.
Dev-Rishita’s fight about every issue and Gaumbi stuck between Suman and Dhara.
I started this show on January 25th, 2021, still watching it only for the Ensemble cast and some actors though some of the tracks irritate me more than the others.
Kanwar Dhillon is definitely one of them I am sticking around for.
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BlackWitch 🇮🇳 4 months ago Despite the loopholes and TRP driven toxicity, PS is the only show I watch consistently. I love the realism and relatable characters hidden between the high points of the story. ShiVi are their own world, while Rishita is the voice of the viewer. Dhara’s endless love for her family is endearing and Gaumbi is just a teddy bear that you want to squish ❤️ I also love Krish and Maami’s comic timing most of the times.
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