Kanika Maheshwari in Annu Ki Ho Gayee...

Kanika Maheshwari will play a village dancer Bijli in Annu Ki Ho Gayee.. who will be wooing Aamir Dalvi aka Harjeet...

Kanika Maheshwari the evil princess of Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat, has just entered Annu Ki Ho Gayi Wah Bhai Wah on Star One. “I play a village dancer called Bijli who has her eyes on Harjeet (Aamir Dalvi) who in turn is smitten by Annu!! She is a funny positive character who joins hands with Ashu to get Harjeet off Annu”, grins Kanika.
Incidentally, Bijli's track was supposed to be a cameo but it has been turned into a full-fledged character, as lead actress Sreejita De is down with Malaria. Changes in the script due to illness seem to be common these days. Rucha Gujrathi was roped in when Payal Sarkar of Waqt was down with chicken pox. Our source adds that Bijli’s character may be sided later once Sreejita is back to work.
Coming to Raja Ki Aayegi, Kanika says her character is a very stubborn person, who will not take any nonsense lying down. “As of now I have got wed to the younger Kunwar. Bhoomi might turn negative as well. There will be lots of problems with Rudra and I will try to find out the secrets of the Mahal”, she reveals.
Besides the above two shows, Kanika has also been part of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Viraasat and India Calling. “My parallel lead in the latter, where I played Manasi  Parekh's  friend Amy is the closest  to my heart. But yes, I am happy to do Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat as I play the major lead there”, quips the actress.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Kanica Maheshwari

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I remember her in kahani ghar ghar ki :)

14 years ago

She is good in Raja ki aayegi baraat..:)
Wish her all luck...

15 years ago

i remember her in dmg!
she is a good actor!

15 years ago

LOL..Never knew her name... I just opened it bcoz of my Name..lol

Well saw her in it.. She's gud.. Thanx!

15 years ago

Ohhh so we will miss Annu Ashu romance for a few days...hope Srijita comes back soon

15 years ago

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