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Kangana Ranaut slammed Bollywood's silence on 'Thalaivii'

Kangana Rana9ut's film 'Thalaivii' is being liked by the audience, and only a few, Bollywood have expressed their views, all the others are silent about the film. Due to which the actress has once again targeted the Bollywood mafia for their silence.

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Kangana Ranaut

After the release of Thalaivii in theaters, Kangana Ranaut's film Thalaivii (Hindi) released on Netflix as well. 

The film has received good response on the OTT platform and is running at number one in the list of most watched movies in India. 

The film is being liked by the audience, but barring a few, Bollywood celebrities are silent about Thalaivii. 

Meanwhile, Kangana has once again targeted the Bollywood mafia for their silence on Thalaivii. 

The actress has asked the Bollywood to respect art, we should put aside our political differences.

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Kangana expressed her unhappiness through a note on her Instagram story. 

She wrote, 

'Meanwhile waiting for Bollywood mafia to keep our political and ideological differences aside just how I don't find it difficult to appreciate genuinely art maybe they can also rise above petty human emotions and for once let art win'.

 Let us tell you, Thalaivii has been directed by Vijay.

It is the biopic of J Jayalalithaa, the six-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. 

Jayalalithaa had traveled from a great actress to the CM of the state. Her journey is shown in the film.

Arvind Swami plays the character of AGR, the legend of Tamil cinema.

Kangana has been speaking on this issue in the past as well and has been accusing a Bollywood group of being biased. 

Kangana Ranaut's Instagram story

Thalaivii was released in cinemas on 10 September. However, the box office collection of the film was not good. 

Normally Bollywood movies come on OTT platform after a month, but Thalaivii came on Netflix only after 15 days.

Thalaivii has also been released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada along with Hindi. Thalaivi in South Indian languages is being streamed on Amazon Prime from October 10.

 Only the Hindi version has been released on Netflix.

Kangana Ranaut Thalaivi 

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radicalleftist 3 months ago It is unfortunate seeing her continue to dig herself into a hole like this. She used to be one of my favorites but seeing how she spoke of about the farmers protesting was disgusting. Seeing her piggy back off tragedies, hating on all the Bollywood actors and then turning around to seek approval from them is weird behavior to say the least.
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basherz 3 months ago She calls people names & now she wants the same people to watch & review, call it double faced. May be she doesn't have any shame, does she expect the same from others ? Who doesn't support her are cowards oops no chamchas, so y would drug chamchas need to review a movie ? Get those online bhakts/trolls who haven't even left sites such as IMDB with nonsense reviews to do her praises (look at the horror of the latest Amitabh-Hashmi movie review in IMDB, people who haven't liked the movie fine - but more than 99% reviews are asking for movie to be boycotted bcoz Rhea was part of it, ridiculous - no one asked their opinion, its a review for the movie section for god's sake).
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basherz 3 months ago Jayalalitha was a big thing in TN, people hardly cared about her even in the neighbor states - unless you are asking someone who used watch south movies prior to 80's. I personally do not watch bio movies made in BW, they are always exaggerated to make the person a hero & their rivals as mafia don sized villains. So why would BW brigade watch a movie, which doesn't have any relevance to them & to review on top of it ? As it is, she is a self declared BW queen, the greatest actor ever born.
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down 1
BiloxiBlues 3 months ago I don’t think she should care about the reaction of the Hindi Film Industry, sorry the peculiarly named “Bollywood,” in its current state. The fact they’re all silent and closed their ranks suggests she’s definitely on to something regarding them. Too much corrosion has set into that industry over the last few decades and they need to clean up their act big time. Going by deep-seated corruption and cliques in India, I don’t see that happening soon. The best advice would be for her to disregard what the Hindi Film Industry’s opinion is about her, or her work, as they’re only proving what she’s accused them of all along.
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Cinesoda 3 months ago Why assume they even bothered to see it? I don’t think even the public saw it. Stop crying and get real!
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Rubyreadyhui 3 months ago Why is she craving accolades from Bollywood? On one hand she shames them by calling them mafia and in the same sentence wants the mafia to praise her!!! Krazy kiyaa ray Kangana 😜😜😜
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Guneet80 3 months ago Always begging for attention and validation, such a shameless woman
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ChickenSoup 3 months ago Go check yourself into a mental hospital you silly Karen!
Reply thumbs-up 3 thumbs-down 1
Hanji1234 3 months ago Pagal kutte ne kata hai kisiko jo iski tareef karein. Kare to bolegi chaplusi aur pata nehin kya kya gandi galiyan degi.
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Funny29 3 months ago the woman is sick and thinks she is the queen of the film industry. Why should people talk about a movie that they may not have seen, or have seen and was boring.the woman should be glad that not everyone is talking about the film, because that might ruin the positive review.
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