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Kamal Khan to return to Bigg Boss..

The controversial Kamal Rashid Khan who was sent out by Bigg Boss is all set to make a return into the house...

Published: Wednesday,Nov 18, 2009 19:48 PM GMT-07:00
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If Vindoo Dara Singh and Rohit Verma weren't enough to indulge in all the dirty politicking, plotting and planning inside COLORS' Bigg Boss, now we hear Kamal Khan is going inside it on Thursday morning to create more mayhem.

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A birdie sitting outside Bigg Boss house tells us that he's
apparently asked for "forgiveness" for his uncouth behavior the last time around to Bigg Boss, and the channel in turn has accepted his apology and decided to pep up the proceedings by sending him again.

According to our source, "Kamal has already reached Lonavla and arrangements are being made by the unit to give him a grand welcome into the house".

Bakhtiyar Irani who has already predicted that "show ke khatam hone tak kisika khoon hone ke alava yahan baaki bahut kuch honewala hai" was possibly talking about Kamaal Khan.

Kamal has many bones to pick with Rohit who had faced his ire and the bottle, the former had flung at him which led to his eviction by the Bigg Boss, as all the other housemates had ganged up against him and wanted him out. So this time when he goes in, he has a lot of unfinished job to be done with the rest of the contestants.

While Tanaaz Iraani who Kamal couldn't stand is already out of the House, her husband and the others are still there with whom he can settle scores with. Interestingly, this week, Bigg Boss has thrown up six names -- Rohit Verma, new entrants Pravesh Rana and Vinod Kambli, Claudia Ciesla,Bakhtiyar and Aditi Gowitrikar for eviction -- and we are sure after Thursday, Rohit would pray hard to his Lord Krishna to be the chosen one by the janta.

Because this time, Kamal's bottle could just hit its target!

Reporter and Author: Kshama Rao

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KRK-FAN 13 years ago Great to see KRK back!So happy to see him!
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BWSweetu 13 years ago wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I am so happy
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mrs.sharma 13 years ago cant tolerate this man !! and they are bringing him set example for people watching !!do bad and survive.this was not expected from colors..they need to grow up fast and understand their folly before its tooo late.
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SecretKhabri420 13 years ago Mast news, muhahahahahahahahaha =))
Now the war is on............
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aish_punk 13 years ago lol, not again!

but then i think he'll be out soon with his behaviour!
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-Ravenclaw- 13 years ago LMAO.....REJOICE...!! ROFL
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EstelleEvenstar 13 years ago OK i hate this guy, and i really wanted Tanaz to come back.
BUT rightnow i'd LOVE to see him back in BB.
Cant wait to see Rohit-yuck's Reaction lmao
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pooja_l 13 years ago yuck..why him again, they could bring other eliminated too
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sonam_s 13 years ago hahaha!!! totally worth watchin now but i feel soo bad for chichipoo.
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-DulceMaria- 13 years ago Its party time :)
hate him though but he's total paisa vasoool.
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