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Kamal Khan gets his Perfect match..

Kamal Khan, who got famous after his stay in the Bigg Boss house last year has now found his life partner.. Read to know more..


Kamal Khan is even today remembered for his dhamakedaar presence in the Bigg Boss house last year!! Who can ever forget the great statements he made that he gets water from France and milk from Japan? Well, as per the grapevine, the man has fallen in love and is in serious relationship!!

And the lucky girl who has won over KRK's heart happens to be Priyadarshini Singh, one of the ex-contestants of Imagine's Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega.

As per our source, "Kamal and Priyadarshini know each other for five months now, and are serious about their relationship. They are even contemplating marriage very soon".

When contacted, Priyadarshini did confirm the news to TellyBuzz saying, "Yes, we are seeing each other for the past few months. We have now decided to make it official. He proposed me thrice, when we were only friends. But then, I too started liking him (smiles)".

Ask her about marriage plans and she quips, "We have just started to get to know each other. So I don't think marriage is on cards right now. However, he has discussed about marriage with me, but I feel I am too young for marriage".

Talking about her family and their approval, Kamal states, "Kamal is the one who handles and takes decisions in his family. So there should not be any problem on his side. But I belong to a BJP family and we have a strong political background. My parents will be totally against this marriage; God knows how they will react, but I am prepared for it".

Priyadarshini was known for her vociferous attitude in Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega, and was also seen in Imagine's Meethi Chhoorii No. 1 recently.

We tried calling Kamal Khan for his comment, but he remained unavailable.

Guess this is a very unique couple in the making.. We wish them all the luck.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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raspberrytorte 9 years ago Lol that will b funnyyy.. very funny! i never liked priyadarshini and i started hating kamal khan after he threw away the award :P
Preeti.xo 9 years ago Hai Allah whats wrong with people these days. R all the other girls in the world dead that you had to go for her kamal? Anyways you got ur self into this situation and when the time cums ur gna be desprate to get out of it.
SourCandyDrop 9 years ago Oh my God this jodi as a big joke. It can't be real...somebody pinch me. What has the world come to? She is a terrible person and what can I say about him...
pinka28 9 years ago i was about to sau something
but reading all comments i felt is anything left
comments i like most and true
1)ek gdha ek ghodi
2)one of kind pair
3)I THOUGHT rakhi is biggest dramebaz
4) my hope rakhi and krk pair dashed
5)what were she doing in rahul dhulhania le jayega
6)fall from chair just after reading this
7)what happen to the person"mera pyar se vishwash uth gaya hai"

there so many ... i am just laughing ike maNIAC FIRST READING THE ARtical then comments
nothing has left...

-Ravenclaw- 9 years ago Haaye...Rab ne bana di jodi..Kisiki najar na lage inhe ROFLROFL

But isn't Priyadarshini like half his age?? :S
Shaina_b 9 years ago A match made in heaven I must say!!!!!

pooja_l 9 years ago jaise ko taisa

a perfect match, actually a pair made in heaven

no one likes both of them and they both like each other only

badhiya hai

i m toh eagerly waiting for them to get married

allizzwell 9 years ago Wow.... a match made in heaven.... just thinking who will pakao whom more and who will be a good listener.... well... priya....get used to drinking international std. water and having canned foods...!2010-10-24 01:32:56
togepe30 9 years ago Eeeee....! Both are equally Weird...! Yuck !
brainychild92 9 years ago what do you mean i feel too young to be married.. then why were u on rahul dulhaniya le jaayega? confused people!!
well best of luck to both
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