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Kaho Na Yaar Hai's Latest victim-Ronit 'Mihir' Roy

Ronit Roy Mihir on Kyunki becomes the next victim of the amusing prank for the happening show Kaho Na Yaar hai. We catch up with him for his views.

Published: Thursday,Jan 24, 2008 09:16 AM GMT-07:00
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When Gautami was bowled over by a prank for the show Kaho Na Yaar Hai, why should her on screen better half be left out? Ronit Roy the Mihir of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was caught off guard while shooting on the sets of Kyunki.

Kaho Na Yaar Hais Latest victim-Ronit Mihir Roy
The prank started of by a STAR news reporter approaching Ronit for an interview. While the interview was on, a female fan intervened and asked Ronit to pose with her for a picture. Though annoyed, Ronit very politely tried making the lady understand that he was busy giving an interview and hence wont be able to pose for a picture at that moment. But seeing the woman uneasy and unwell, Ronit decided to oblige with the request. Just when Ronit posed for the photo the lady along side him collapsed. Unnerved Ronit asked for a chair and water and tried making her feel comfortable. It even went to the extent of Ronit making her smell his shoe to regain consciousness. Mean while the reporter pestered him to continue the interview that stressed Ronit out.

Kaho Na Yaar Hais Latest victim-Ronit Mihir Roy
When asked about the prank Ronit said, "Yes it was part of the game. They normally show a video on the actor in Kaho Na Yaar Hai, which the stars are unaware of. I was a little tensed at the start but eventually I figured out that it was a prank being played on me." We also asked him if he felt that the prank was harsh and his answer was, "The prank played was not harsh. It was actually funny."

"Participating in the show was a great experience. My friends accompanied me on the show and Gautami was present with her set of friends. As Gautami and me are friends, it felt like we all were a big gang. It was a day out for me. We really enjoyed", commented Ronit on his experience on the show.

As the show is based on friendship we also asked Ronit his take on friendship and his opinion was, "For me, my friends are my family and my family are my friends. There is no tag of expectation, pressure or condition in the bond of friendship. It's a beautiful relation one can ever have."

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Ankita Gaba

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fm05 @fm05 15 years ago Thanks. Ronit-Gautami make a handsome on-screen pair. It great that they are good friends.
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llll @-Aleeza- 15 years ago karan looks so weird .. ronit looks hotttttttttttt
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jessi @Jessuu 15 years ago Ronit and Gautami look soo nice together...wow!
both look soooo HOT!!
love u tulsi-mihir ..LOL!
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pallavi25 @pallavi25 15 years ago Ronit and Gautami both look so HOT! I wish they played younger roles in Kyunki instead of Dada-dadi...lolz
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Aanya @kisnatulsi 15 years ago LOLZ>...can't wait to see it!!!! cute pic!!!!! thanks!!!
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roneeta @ronitfan 15 years ago Ronit looks extra-cute ..
cant wait to watch this prank played on him ..

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Ankita @anku2cute 15 years ago they look soooo cool..gautami looks stunning
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