Junooniyatt: Elahi closes in on Jordan's dark secrets during Navratri

Elahi discovers that Jordan has a child with Namrata.

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Colors Junooniyatt has been keeping its audience. After starting off as a musical drama, the track changed to family drama as the viewers didn't accept the storyline. The new track has helped the show grab more eyeballs.

As is already seen during the first day of Navratri, where the entire family is bustling with preparations for the goddess's arrival. Elahi becomes suspicious when she notices Jordan's agitated conversation on the phone. And how a dangerous situation unfolds as Elahi unknowingly approaches a live wire. Jahaan comes to her rescue, but in the process, her chunni's ganth (knot) gets detached, leaving them both in shock. The entire family rushes to their aid. Jordan's outburst towards the decorator raises Elahi's suspicions, thinking he might be venting his anger from the mysterious phone calls on the decorator. Tensions escalate as Seerat accuses Elahi, but Jordan surprisingly takes a stand in her defence. 

In tonight's episode, on the second day of Navratri, Jahaan tries to get an answer from Elahi, but she remains silent. Jordan's phone falls, but he catches it before Elahi can pick it up. Elahi follows Jordan with Jahaan's help, leading her to where Jordan is being blackmailed by a girl named Namrata. Diljyot asks her to bring Jahaan and Seerat closer, and Elahi agrees reluctantly. Later, Elahi spots Namrata on the road and follows her to a den, where she finds Namrata speaking to Jordan and Maheep. She discovers that Jordan has a child with Namrata. 

Will Elahi be able to expose Jordan?

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