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Juhi Chawla Calls Lockdown a Blessing in Disguise: 'The environment Didn’t Need Us to Clean it Up; It Cleaned itself Up'

Juhi Chawla On Lockdown Being A Blessing In Disguise and Living An Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Life...


On the occasion of World Environment Day, actress-environmentalist Juhi Chawala gets candid about the lockdown being a blessing in disguise and her guide towards an eco-friendly and sustainable living. 

“Fortunately for us, the lockdown period has become a blessing in disguise; the air in Mumbai has never been so clear, animals are roaming around freely, our rivers have become clean. Nature has shown us the mirror we needed to see. The environment didn’t need us to clean it up, all we needed to do was be quiet and stay home and it cleaned itself up. I’ve been on this planet for quite some time and it has never been as beautiful. It shows us how lovely the environment can be,” said Juhi Chawla. 

She further adds, “In the last two and a half months a lot of us have realized that we can do very well with very little then we did otherwise. We’ve done really well without the frills and fancy that we were collecting. Almost everything that we use in our modern life is in some way damaging to the planet.” 

Now that Unlock 1 has begun, Juhi urges everyone to make a concerted effort to stop spoiling the environment once again or taking it back to where we were before the lockdown. She encourages everyone to make a shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable living.

“Please consider being more eco-friendly in every way, look at everything you use and own, know about it. From making simple shifts like using bamboo toothbrushes, switching the containers in my kitchen to steel, glass, ceramic, using organic detergents, I certainly am doing my bit every day, in any way that I can.”


Juhi Chawla

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