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Film: 'Jugaari'; Director: S.D. Arvind; Cast: Avinash, Harshitha Poonachcha, Avinash, Sharat Lohithashwa; Music: Arjun; Rating: ***

Film: 'Jugaari'; Director: S.D. Arvind; Cast: Avinash, Harshitha Poonachcha, Avinash, Sharat Lohithashwa; Music: Arjun; Rating: ***

Though there have been many Kannada films that have focussed on the themes of corruption, greed and bureaucratic apathy, the one thing that makes 'Jugaari' stand apart is the novel way the themes have been used. The sense of realisation among bureaucrats and others about their misdeeds and their willingness to be a part of the hero's charitable causes form a new concept that is seen in this film.

The film was made by the grandsons of Kannada film industry's well known comedian Narasimha Raju who was a legend in his life time. Little was known about his grandsons Arvind and Avinash till they announced the making of 'Jugaari'.

Though there were few expectations surrounding the film before its release, the audience has reacted positively to the movie.

The credit for 'Jugaari' goes to S.D. Arvind, who has written a credible script that keeps the audience engaged. There is not a dull moment in the film which moves at a quick pace.

The director, however, could have added a little more punch to the film's proceedings by adding sarcasm and jest to the dialogues which are a tad serious.

The film is about a youngster named Shankar whose name is changed to Bylaw after he is implicated in a criminal case which forces him to spend 14 years in prison. In jail, Bylaw becomes a voracious reader on law and applies what he has read in jail to the real world.

After finishing his jail term, Bylaw comes out to search for his family members and finds his brother being cheated. He then focuses on corrupt bureaucrats, industrialists and businessman who are hoodwinked to invest black money in a firm. Then he uses mind games to attract corrupt people to mobilise funds and uses the money for charitable purposes.

Newcomer Avinash Diwakar fits into his role and shows a lot of elegance in the second half of the film where he acts as a rich businessman. The film's heroine Harshitha Poonachcha looks cute, but with her childish pranks, she does not look like a practising advocate. Avinash, Sharat Lohithashwa, Ninaasam Aswath and B. Suresha have performed their roles with ease.

Arjun has composed great melodious songs and his background score fits the mood of the film.

'Jugaari' is a good first time attempt by two bright youngsters.

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