'Jugaad' Releasing on February 27, 2009

'Jugaad' based on a real life experience of the successful CEO of an advertising agency.

'JUGAAD' is the real life story. Based on the MCD ceiling in Delhi, this is the real first handexperience of the successful CEO of an advertising agency.  With a title line 'JUGAAD', the film kicks off with hectic agency work culture coated with humorous and witty dialogues to gel with the present generation.


The catch is that 'JUGAAD' comes to life when the doors of advertising agency are locked under the ceiling drive. Life turns around to the worst and pushes the desperate CEO towards JUGAADbaazi and all makeshift efforts, a characteristic typical of all Indians across the nation. In the process many characters like property dealer, power brokers, so called connected people with politicians and senior officers walk in the story.  They also bring hilarity and open out the story of such a life style really existing in the capital.  


The successful CEO uses his best connections to influence the officials but nothing succeeds. Thus begins the journey of Sandip Kapur, left alone on the roads with his team … towards struggles unforeseen, a struggle that unwittingly brings in many comical situations. The film narrates the hero's patience and the amount of Jugaad (trickery and connections) that is required to re-establish his agency from the scratch.


A very refined artiste & an Indian to the core, Manoj Bajpai is all geared to present the modernflavour of term Jugaad to the fast forward generation of today that lives and breathes in the Baristas and Cafe Coffee Days of the world and their crossover to the crowds frequenting 'chaiwallahs' at the small town nukkads.  What comes out of this real experience of Sandiip Kapur is portrayed  by Manoj Bajpai with élan.


The film is mostly shot in Delhi and Gurgaon with few locations in Mumbai. 'Jugaad' is a combination of loss, pain and comical satire that incorporates six haunting melodious songs. It narrates the never-say-die spirit of aam Indian. Jugaad is the saga of Indainness.


Will Sandiip be able to regain lost glory of his company ????????  Will he take a U turn to prosperity with the help of Jugaadbaazi ??????????

Will an Aam Aadmi of India win against the government apathy ?????


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