Johnny Lever's heartfelt visit to ailing junior Mehmood amidst stomach cancer struggle

Johnny Lever's heartfelt gesture with Jr. Mehmood amidst cancer struggle will melt your heart.

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Jr. Mehmood and Johnny Lever

Renowned actor and filmmaker of the 70s, Junior Mehmood, is reportedly battling stomach cancer, and recent updates suggest a deterioration in his health. The veteran underwent surgery recently to address a tumour in his stomach, a challenging situation that has garnered attention from his industry peers.

In a touching gesture of solidarity, actor and comedian Johnny Lever paid a visit to Junior Mehmood, as captured in a now-viral video. The footage shows Johnny offering words of encouragement to the visibly frail Junior Mehmood, reflecting the camaraderie and support within the entertainment community.

Salaam Qazi, who shares a deep bond with Junior Mehmood, referred to him as a brother and shared insights into the actor's health struggles. According to Qazi, Junior Mehmood's battle with stomach cancer led to a significant increase in blood pressure and sugar levels, resulting in a notable weight loss of 20 kilograms. Despite the challenges, Junior Mehmood is reportedly exhibiting resilience, engaging in meaningful conversations with well-wishers.

For the unversed, Naeem Sayyed, known by his stage name Junior Mehmood, initiated his career as a child artist and later diversified into directing Marathi films. With an extensive filmography boasting approximately 265 films.

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