Jiji back in Saat Phere...

Nivedita Bhattacharya is back to playing the evil Jiji, while the very helpful Dr. Varun turns negative..

Zee’s Saat Phere has been the talk of the town, with the news of Rajshree Vaidya quitting the show.

However, to add more spice, the creatives have now brought back the popular vamp Jiji aka Nivedita Bhattacharya into the show.

According to our source “Jiji is back to create havoc and this time, her trump card is Dr. Varun, played by Mihir Mishra. The doctor who came into the life of Saloni to treat her ailing husband Nahar, will now be shown as negative, and has been planted by Jiji”.

We called Mihir Mishra to know more about the twist in the tale and he said, “I don’t know about the future track, but yes, Dr. Varun’s intention is to create problems in Saloni’s life”.

On the future track, our source informs us that, “The track has not been finalized yet as we are working on the same”.

We tried calling Sunjoy Wadhwa, Producer, Sphere Origin but he was unavailable for comments.

Hope Saloni is successful in solving this puzzle too, that life has in store for her!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Mihir Mishra

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Comments (11)

again the same kind of story....
cant it b different?

15 years ago

Oh No don''t mind me is back :O

Nahar will die...Saloni is taking break from the show and JIJI is back?

I bet Varun is sent by JIJI with fake news of Nahar''s illness and he might die...Who knows this show is becoming crappy by the second

15 years ago

I knew it. They should just end the show rather than bringing in old characters back.

15 years ago

u could tell he was too good to be true... dang why do they keep dragging it?

15 years ago

I hate her, but thats so weird I totallypredicted that Dr.Varun would play a negative role!

15 years ago

what the hell! shudnt she still be in jail??!!
arghhh this is the 3rd time she is coming back!

15 years ago

great this is exactly wat we want more trouble

15 years ago

SP without Nahar-Saloni is a no-show.


15 years ago

i kinda guessed it was jiji, especially after seeing last night''s episode...

but i thought nivedita is pregnant, so how come she came back to the show so fast??

15 years ago

aha i knew it.. i knew it that dr varun is evil i knew it

15 years ago

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