Jigar to buy a Diamond necklace for Rashi in Saath Nibhana Saathiya!

Saath Nibhana Sathiya is gearing up with a very emotional sequence where Jigar will buy a diamond necklace for his deceased wife.

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Rashmi Sharma Telefilm's popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus is going through a very emotional track as Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis), the most lively person of the family has passed away while trying to save her sister from Anurag (Manoj Chandila).

As we have seen in the show that everyone is shattered in the family to know about Rashi's death and entire family is in a great depression especially Jigar (Vishal Singh), Rashi's husband. Thus the upcoming episodes will bring more tears in audience's eyes.

As per our sources, "Tolu and Molu, kids of Rashi and Jigar will come to know about their mother's death. This will make family more depressed as it will be very difficult to console the kids. Later sudden disappearance of Jigar will make Modi family worried and thus the entire family will search for him but no one will be able to find him."

"After a few hours, Jigar will come back home with a bag in his hand. All family members will rush towards him to find out where he was. Tolu - Molu will start crying and will tell their father that their mother has already left us, will you also leave us and go? But Jigar will not answer to any of the questions and will directly go and stand in front of his wife's photo. He will take out a diamond necklace from the bag and will put it on her photo and will remember a moment he had with Rashi where she demanded for a diamond necklace and he promised her that he will gift her one. This will bring tears in everyone's eyes in Modi Bhavan," ends our source.

How will Jigar and other family member cope up with Rashi's death?

To know more keep reading this space.

Neha Jain 


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Haisisterz 6 years ago U made this serial more bakwaas..
U killed the soul of this serial!
I miss u Rucha Hasabnis!
Ruchaa 6 years ago Why did you have to kill her of you could have put falaq naaz in instead of her
sanw 6 years ago thaTS going to be more emotional. I still feel rucha might come back
A HUGE FAN 6 years ago SNS should have ended by Rashi saving Gopi. The show is incomplete without both of the characters, Rashi and Gopi.
zohakhan7 6 years ago They shouldn't had killed Rashi,but no one could had portrayed Rashi like Rucha.
All the best to Rucha for her future.
Anisha_anitan 6 years ago RuShal one of my fav Jodi's

Love Rucha Hasabnis and Vishal Singh
MsPrez 6 years ago Awww!!
This proves that Jigar is actually the BEST husband any girl can want!!!!
Every girl wishes to have a husband like him... Rashi is so lucky!!
But unfortunately the couple didn't last long. But yet they got maximum love for the bonding!
No one other than RuShal can play RaJi!
Love Rucha Hasabnis and Vishal Singh!!!
PrincessJojo8 6 years ago its really going to be emotional .. i cry daily after Rashi's death while i watch saathiya .. Rashi im really missing u ..after Giaa's quitting its 2nd sadness for saathiya fans2014-08-19 10:25:24
Theta14 6 years ago it's too emotional man!!!

missing rashi a lot

and feeling really sad for jigar..

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