Jhanak: The family recognizes Jhanak, Anirudh insists on speaking to her

Jhanak written update, 19th February, 2024: Anirudh's family recognizes Jhanak and Anirudh insists on speaking to her.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak
Hiba Nawab as Jhanak. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Jhanak tonight starts with Anirudh suggesting they keep the same attendant for a few more days.

Jhanak decides to surrender to Tejas:

 Choton expresses disappointment over their failed plan. Jhanak, feeling defeated, recalls the pandit's advice to take Anirudh to the temple but expresses her inability to do so, leaving the responsibility to Choton. She decides to leave, mentioning the possibility of Tejas kidnapping her, believing he won't harm her if she surrenders herself. Choton is concerned but Jhanak reassures him, emphasizing her desire for Anirudh's happiness with Arshi. Lal arrives, discussing the lack of available nurses and asking if Jhanak can manage the tasks. Despite Choton's initial reluctance due to the canceled booking, they agree to let Jhanak handle it.

Anirudh is back home:

Feeling overwhelmed and questioning her existence, Jhanak watches as Lal takes Anirudh to the car. Anirudh insists that Lal join them and expresses gratitude for her presence. At home, everyone joyfully welcomes Anirudh, praising Arshi's support. Appu hugs Anirudh, mentioning her longing for him and Jhanak. However, Anirudh avoids mentioning Jhanak's name, causing sadness to overshadow the moment. Dadi performs aarti for Anirudh, expressing confidence in Arshi's ability to keep him happy. Inside the house, Jhanak assists Anirudh, while Lal suggests using a wheelchair for convenience. Arshi suggests giving Jhanak's room to the attendant and emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask for safety.

Appu recognizes Jhanak:

As everyone adjusts to the situation, Arshi plans to leave for rehearsals but is persuaded to stay for Anirudh's well-being. Jhanak, eager to assist, asks about the kitchen, but Dadi redirects her upstairs. Appu recognizes Jhanak's voice and stops her, leading to an unexpected encounter.


In the preview, the family confronts Jhanak, urging her to remove her mask, shocking everyone, including Anirudh, who insists on speaking with her.

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