Jhanak: Jhanak's mother passes away, Tejas kidnaps Jhanak

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Tejas will be seen kidnapping Jhanak.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak

The episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak commences with Anirudh expressing his confusion about Arya's sister's career choices, suggesting that her talent in dance could be turned into a profession. However, she dismisses the idea, stating her awareness of the challenges in pursuing dance as a career. Anirudh then shares his plans for staying in a houseboat after Arya's wedding and playfully negotiates a special discount on flowers with her.

Meanwhile, the haldi ceremony for Arya is underway. Anirudh and Jhanak set out on a cycle, leading to a fall and an intense eye-lock moment. Arshi notices Anirudh's absence and expresses concern. Shrishti questions Arshi's decision to let him go alone, prompting Arshi to investigate his whereabouts. Jhanak meets Rahul's mother and introduces Anirudh as Arshi's prospective husband. Later, Anirudh and Jhanak argue playfully, and Arshi reveals that Anirudh left his phone behind.

Jhanak then encounters Rahul, who is unwell, and seeks to purchase milk. Rahul's mother invites her inside, where she encounters Rahul, and a brief argument ensues. Jhanak leaves, giving Rahul the milk money and refusing to call or visit again. Urvashi contemplates her final attempt to send Jhanak away and recalls a past disappointment. As Jhanak and Anirudh return, the family prepares for the dance festivities.

Brij, a surprise guest, arrives, and Urvashi is shocked to see him. Jhanak attempts to take his blessings, but Shrishti interrupts and insults her. Anirudh urges Jhanak to seek Guru ji's blessings, and she eventually takes Brij's blessings. Urvashi is pleased with the turn of events, while Shrishti fumes. The celebration continues with dancing, and Anirudh captures Jhanak's unexpected dance performance on camera.

Shrishti attempts to marginalize Jhanak, but Anirudh defends her talent, crediting Shrishti for bringing it to light. Despite the jealousy of others, Jhanak continues to dance. 


Anirudh encourages Jhanak to claim her rights, Urvashi seeks Brij's help for Jhanak, Shrishti scolds Urvashi, and Tejas kidnaps Jhanak, leaving her shocked.

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