Jhanak: Jhanak's Ad audition sparks conflict at home, Aniruddh comes to her defence

The upcoming episode will see a major drama in which Aniruddh will support Jhanak.

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Jhanak. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Jhanak, the Star Plus show, continues to captivate its audience with its unique blend of thrilling twists and turns. The show's creators are relentless in their efforts to deliver high-octane drama. 

As we have already seen, Jhanak's (Hiba Nawab) wedding is about to happen. The groom has his face covered after citing a certain reason for it. However, Jhanak refuses to marry someone who has his face covered. Amidst this, Aniruddh (Krushal Ahuja) has developed a growing bond with Jhanak and feels very uncomfortable with her marriage.

The upcoming episode will see a major drama in which Aniruddh will support Jhanak. It happened that Jhanak would go out for an audition for an advertisement when Tanuja and the other family members started complaining about her to Aniruddha. Despite their complaints, Aniruddha supported Jhanak, which made the family even angrier. They were upset because they thought Jhanak was in the house to do household chores instead of going out, and now they wondered who would handle the chores while she was gone.

According to media reports, Salman Shaikh will enter the show and play the role of Aditya Kapoor. He will have negative traits. He will be a star performer and will work with Jhanak in a project campaign.  And he will fall in love with Jhanak

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