Jhanak: Anirudh lashes out at Jhanak and asks her to leave

Jhanak written update, 22nd February, 2024: Anirudh lashes out at Jhanak after her identity is revealed.

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Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab
Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab as Anirudh and Jhanak. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode of Jhanak tonight unfolds with Appu expressing her joy at Jhanak's arrival, only to be met with Shubh's furious reaction.

Jhanak faces the family's wrath:

 Despite Dada's attempt to intervene, Shubh's anger escalates as he raises his hand at Appu, who tearfully defends her fondness for Jhanak. The family becomes embroiled in a heated argument, with accusations hurled at Jhanak for her perceived transgressions. Amidst the chaos, Shrishti advocates for justice, urging the family to involve the police.

Anirudh questions Jhanak:

Jhanak, confronted by the family's animosity, reveals her true intentions for returning, explaining her indebtedness to Anirudh for saving her life. However, her explanations fall on deaf ears as the family continues to condemn her actions. Anirudh, caught in the middle, attempts to unravel the truth, leading to further tension within the family. As the situation reaches a boiling point, Anirudh demands answers from Jhanak, questioning her motives and actions. Jhanak, overwhelmed with emotion, attempts to justify her actions, emphasizing her genuine concern for Anirudh's well-being. However, her explanations are met with skepticism and condemnation from the family.


In the precap, Anirudh, consumed by anger and frustration, confronts Jhanak, demanding her departure from their lives. Jhanak, devastated by his harsh words, is left in tears.

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