Jhanak: Anirudh expresses his worries to Jhanak unaware of her identity

Jhanak written update, 15th February, 2024: Anirudh, unaware of Jhanak's identity, expresses his worries for her.

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The episode of Jhanak begins with a heated discussion about Jhanak among the family members. Dadi firmly declares that Jhanak won't return. Tanuja suggests avoiding any further discussion about her. Anjana instructs Appu not to disclose anything regarding Jhanak and urges him to go to bed. Appu expresses concern about Jhanak's whereabouts. In the morning, Jhanak tends to Anirudh, who finds her voice familiar. He inquires about his family, but Jhanak reveals that his fiancée, Arshi, visited and was distraught. Anirudh expresses interest in meeting his family, declining Jhanak's offer to call Choton. Jhanak apologizes for intruding and withdraws.

Jhanak and Anirudh's conversation:

Meanwhile, Shrishti advises Arshi to inquire about Jhanak's whereabouts, emphasizing her newfound authority in Anirudh's family due to her recent puja. Arshi dismisses the idea, stating she doesn't care about Jhanak. Shrishti insists on her talking to Anirudh's family instead of him. Anirudh questions Jhanak about his admission, expressing anger at personal matters discussed in his absence. Jhanak clarifies that she mentioned his impending marriage, prompting Anirudh to reveal his lack of memory regarding the events leading to his hospitalization.

Shrishti suggests announcing the wedding once Anirudh recovers to assert Arshi's influence. Arshi agrees to inform him, fueled by her resentment towards Jhanak. Anirudh confides in Jhanak about his troubled relationship with Arshi, expressing concern for her safety.

Arshi's vows:

As tensions rise, Arshi vows to ruin Jhanak's life, while Anirudh reveals Jhanak's underlying danger due to her association with Tejas. Arshi confronts Anirudh, seeking assurance of his well-being, while Jhanak watches apprehensively. Bipasha arrives, praising Arshi's efforts in saving Anirudh's life.


Arshi tends to Anirudh, brushing his hair, when suddenly he screams in discomfort. Jhanak warns her to be careful, but Arshi dismisses her presence, insisting they require a professional nurse for Anirudh's care.

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