Jhanak: Anirudh decides to move on in life leaving Jhanak behind

Jhanak written update, 17th February 2024: Anirudh takes a decision to move on from Jhanak.

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Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh in Jhanak
Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh in Jhanak. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The episode commences with Choton instructing Jhanak to care for Anirudh during his recovery, assuring her anonymity and stressing the importance of her well-being. Despite her concerns, Jhanak prioritizes Anirudh's needs, declining to disclose her identity to him. Anirudh's family arrives to visit him, with Arshi noticing Jhanak's presence and urging her to join them. Jhanak opts to prepare juice for Anirudh instead, earning praise from Choton, who suggests she continues her care at their home. Amidst discussions about Anirudh's health, plans for his return home, and future celebrations, tensions arise between Choton and his family regarding Jhanak's whereabouts and involvement.

Anirudh's family enquires about Jhanak:

As the family discusses Anirudh's recovery and upcoming festivities, Jhanak accidentally spills juice, prompting criticism from Bipasha and Arshi. Despite Choton's defense of Jhanak's efforts, tensions escalate, and Bipasha questions Choton about Jhanak's absence. Choton attempts to cover up the truth, leading to further disagreements within the family about Jhanak's role in their lives. Meanwhile, Anirudh expresses his gratitude towards Arshi and the family's support, emphasizing his desire to celebrate Valentine's Day with her despite his condition.

Anirudh's decision of moving on in life:

The episode takes a dramatic turn as Choton is confronted by Bipasha about his interactions with Jhanak and his recent whereabouts. Despite his attempts to deflect suspicion, Bipasha presses him on his connection with Jhanak, leading to a heated argument. Anirudh, unaware of the tension, reflects on his past with Jhanak and expresses his disdain for her actions, affirming his commitment to moving forward without her.


In the preview of the next episode, Anirudh returns home to a warm reception from his family, with Dadi performing a traditional aarti to welcome him. However, Appu's mention of Jhanak triggers a stern response from Anirudh, indicating a shift in his attitude towards her. Arshi's smile hints at the unfolding drama and tensions within the household.

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