Jhanak: Anirudh & Jhanak part ways, Anirudh discovers something important in Urvashi's letter

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will discover something important in Urvashi's letter for her.

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The episode unfolds with Anirudh and Jhanak reluctantly participating in the wedding rituals. Anirudh expresses discomfort, citing Arshi's significant help, but Jhanak insists they adhere to the villagers' demands. She reassures him that this marriage is merely a facade, and once they leave, they can go their separate ways. Despite Anirudh's objections, Jhanak emphasizes the necessity of this charade for their safety. The ceremony proceeds hastily as the villagers urge the pandit to rush through the rituals.

Meanwhile, Tejas, driven by a determination to find Jhanak, callously dismisses Bhavani's condition, proclaiming his focus on retrieving Jhanak for the sake of his reputation. Arshi's concerns grow, and she senses impending trouble, likening Jhanak to Urvashi. The exchange of garlands takes place between Anirudh and Jhanak, accompanied by the soulful melody of "Tanha Sa Dil Hai." Anirudh, haunted by memories of Arshi, is torn between the past and the present.

Shrishti expresses her unease, suspecting Jhanak's manipulative nature. Arshi, alarmed by the unfolding events, calls Kaushalya to inquire about Anirudh. To her shock, Kaushalya reveals Jhanak's imminent marriage to Tejas. Anirudh, conflicted by thoughts of Arshi, reluctantly completes the wedding rituals with Jhanak. News of Jhanak's marriage to Tejas spreads, leading to a momentary sigh of relief for Shrishti.

As Anirudh fills sindoor in Jhanak's maang, the realization of the union sinks in. Tejas, determined to assert control, reports Jhanak's escape to the police, emphasizing the impact on his reputation. Jhanak, however, reassures Anirudh that they do not believe in this marriage and she plans to confront her father. An emotional exchange ensues, and Jhanak receives Urvashi's pictures, triggering painful memories.

The people apologize to Anirudh, urging him to understand Jhanak's predicament. In a show of solidarity, they affirm their support for Jhanak. Despite the challenges, she declares her intention to return, emphasizing her connection to the house and its occupants as family. Anirudh and Jhanak embark on a journey, with Jhanak carrying the weight of Urvashi's legacy.

As they approach a checkpost, Tejas arrives, intensifying the search for Jhanak. Anirudh grapples with the dilemma of facing the truth or concealing it. The episode concludes with a tense moment as Anirudh attempts to shield Jhanak's identity from the police, and she lifts her veil.


Anirudh discovers a shocking revelation in Urvashi's letter, prompting him to chase after Jhanak in a state of shock.

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