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'Jeeven Saathi will cover all expectations my fans have'-Gaurav Khanna

The lover-boy of television, Gaurav Khanna will be seen in a romantic role in Jeevan Saathi on COLORS... Here is the actor talking about his role and much more...

Published: Thursday,Jul 10, 2008 14:45 PM GMT-06:00
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After a successful stint in Kumkum and Meri Doli Tere Angna, Gaurav Khanna will now be seen in a romantic role in the serial ‘Jeevan Saathi’ to be aired on the new channel ‘COLORS’ which gets launched on July 21st, 2008..

Here is the actor talking about his new serial, career and much more..
Jeeven Saathi will cover all expectations my fans have-Gaurav Khanna
Can you tell us about your character in Jeevan Saathi?
It's a very fun loving, outgoing character. It is basically a love story which deals with inter-caste marriage and my role is of a modern boy who gets whatever he wants in life. I am really enjoying my stint here.
You have always carried the lover-boy image. How does it feel?
As an actor we have to do different roles and Ruhaan was the character I loved very much. About the lover image that has been set, I think my age suits that image (smiles). And people who are offering me roles also think that I can carry the lover-boy image very well, so in a way it’s nice.
What do you have to say about love and the concept of inter-caste marriage?
Love is unconditional. It is blind and when we fall in love there is no question of caste. As for me, in real life I belong to a very modern family where caste is no issue. Even my brother has gone for an inter-caste marriage, so I guess I have no limitations when it comes to caste (grins)..
How do you feel working with Vani Sharma here?
She is lovely and is a very good actress. We compliment each other very well. I just hope we have done full justice to the characters.
How is your rapport with the new production house, Playtime Creations?
This is the first time I am working with this production house and keeping in view my past experiences, this time I am working on mutual terms. These people are very experienced. Paresh Rawal himself is an experienced actor, so he understands us very well and also knows how to handle actors. I am very glad that I got this production house to work with.
What made you to take up a show which is dealing with such a sensitive issue?
I think inter-caste marriage is just a concept. The serial is a mixture of love story, of relationships and marriage. Also it is one of the most important serials on COLORS which will be telecast at prime time slot of 9 PM. Above all, this is the slot which attracts the audience. 
You have always shared screen space with newcomers, be it Megha Gupta in Kumkum, Priyamvada in Meri Doli. What do you want to say on this?
It is just a coincidence. I am not the one who decides my co-actor and also, I feel newcomers are very exciting to work with. 
Well, your on-screen chemistry with Priyamvada is missed by your fans even today..
I think Jeevan Sathi will cover all expectations my fans have! The chemistry here is also rocking.
Message to India-Forums fans..
India-Forums is very close to my heart. I appreciate all the people here who take time out to comment on our acting. Members here not only comment on your good things but they also point out the flaws. I really love them.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Jasmine @jasmine_triv 15 years ago I think her TV soaps are ok, but her films are useless. Why does she have Tushar Kapoor in most of her films? I know it’s her brother and everything but he's not that talented.
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Preeti @-Preeti- 15 years ago what a women
hamesha kuch dfferent hi karti hai
wish she had done samething with her shows tooo
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Ananya Pattanaik @remix_ananya 15 years ago lets see....wat future has in store 4 her.....bt she kicks out actors frm her soaps at d tym wen dey r most loved...
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Marya @Mazzy101 15 years ago thnx!! i love Gaurav!! i hope him the best and to say he is a really good actr!
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sweet_angel27 @sweet_angel27 15 years ago I love Gaurav,I really hope he comes back on zee,too bad I can't see this new show,he 's so adorable I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nazmien aka Naz @NazNgs 15 years ago Haila..Gaurav meri jaan...he is soo sweet...what a nice interview...can't wait to see you in Jeevan Saathi Gaurav..Loved you as Sharman in KumKum even though i haven't all the episodes. Also loved you as Ruhaan in Meri Doli and also as Shub in Santaan..can't wait to see you in Jeevan Saathi..
And ya Tellybuzz is right we fans miss u and Priyamvada together on screen very very much and hope each day that u two will return in a serial..
Love you Gaurav..and all the best in Jeevan Saathi...
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brainychild92 @brainychild92 15 years ago since he is in jeevan saathi, he won't bb quiting santaan rite!!! cause i dont get COLORS!!!! and i really like him
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 15 years ago love him as Ruhan and like him in Santan as well.
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sharu @wackysharu 15 years ago he is so cute yaar.... loved him kumkum....
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Payal @-iPayal- 15 years ago wooooooooooooooow!!! hes just soooooooo amaizing and cute!!!
im gonna watch this show just for him!!!
love you gaurav and all the best to you and the show!!!!
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