Jayshree Soni falls off a jeep..

Jayshree Soni, the lead of Sony's new show Ek Safar Aisa... Kabhi Socha Na Tha was injured recently when she fell off a jeep while shooting..

Jayshree Soni, the lead actress of Sony's newly launched show Ek Safar Aisa... Kabhi Socha Na Tha, fell off a jeep recently and suffered bruises on her face and had internal stomach problems too.

The incident happened when the girl was shooting for a particular scene at Filmcity, where Madan, the macho man of the village kidnaps Ganga (Jayshree Soni) so that he can get married to her.

Elaborating on the scene and accident Jayshree states, "We were shooting this scene where Madan forcefully drags me into his jeep. While holding me, he had to drive the jeep which had to move zig-zag, and finally the jeep had to hit a tree and stop. But while we were doing this scene, I lost my balance and fell off the jeep. I injured my face and had some internal injuries in my stomach too. I was advised rest for about 3 days, but now all is fine and I have resumed shoot".

When contacted Producer Rashmi Sharma, she said, "We were shooting the jeep scene where Jayshree unfortunately fell outside as she lost balance. Luckily, she escaped with some internal injuries, and nothing major. She is back now after getting rest for three days".

Jayshree plays the flower seller Ganga in the show which is aired at 9.30 pm on Sony TV.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Its another serial from RKAB producers.... I hope she get well soon.... But it was really bad fall. Thank god she is safe

15 years ago

aww poor her!! wish her a speedy recovery and hope she''s okay now!!! :-(

15 years ago

aww, wish her a speedy recovery!


15 years ago

Ouch...that has to hurt alot...glad she''s okay!

15 years ago

dnt watch this but ouch
fall didnt look so nice

get well soon

15 years ago

so sad,hope she get well soon.well thanks for the article.

15 years ago

ya i hope she is alright get well soon

15 years ago

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