Jay Soni's fascination for travelling!

Jay Soni who was seen hosting Dil Hain Chotasa Choti Si Asha loves travelling ,have been to many places and now he is spending leisure time in Goa.

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Jay Soni, last seen as a host for Sony Pal's Dil Hai Chotasa Choti Si Aasha talks about his interest in travelling.

TellyBuzz always comes with travel dairy of your favorite star and this time its Jay Soni. He has been to many places like Italy, Spain, Thailand and dreams of exploring many other place. Currently he is spending time with his wife and friends in Goa, one of his favorite place.

When we got in touch with him he says, "Yes I am spending my holidays in Goa. I feel calm and at peace here. So, whenever I am free I come here to spend some quality time. I am a person who cannot stay away from travelling. I like exploring new things as it lets you know yourself better and it also teaches you new things. I have been on many rode trips. During my travels I did sky diving, snorkelling, scuba diving."

As you are adventurous have you ever thought of participating in Khatron Ke Khiladi? "Yes I want to but my parents say that I should not. But in future if I get the opportunity, I will."

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Aubade. 9 years ago Why the hell are we so bothered about actor's personal life? I never understood it and media keeps igniting it bringing in exaggerated news from wherever they get it. But SRK well done. I am an SRKian but I say that to every actor and actress who wants their privacy even if it includes my not so faves.
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ILoveDrama 9 years ago Lot of us understand where he is coming from about his kids (and being their father he has every right to protect them), But why don't SRK understand that while making silly comments regarding other actors like "chote chote khan" etc other actors and their family members also get offended especially I am talking about Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar etc who also has kids( and who doesn't even use them as his pawns)... And what about the things he say and does at the award functions like flirting and saying that he and his son think Madhuri is Sexy...etc won't his kids be watching those...I feel like he always bring his kids and he tries to play this emotional thing especially using his kids...Which I don't like as they shouldn't be used as some shield or pawns...And this thing is not just applicable for SRK for any actor who does this...Also please try to protect your kids from reading those crappy things, as Indian media is one of the cheapest, who can stoop to any level, please protect your children...and if you can crack jokes on other actors in the name of humor please have the courage to accept them too when done by others...I really respect SRK's family values but at times I feel that he misuses them...Just my 2cents and please no negative attacks as I just stated my POV..:))2012-02-02 07:11:22
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phadukaran 9 years ago We and media forget quiet often that Actors have life too, they need that space that we have to vent out. We get too personal at times, leaving actors in embarrassment.
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pooja-menon 9 years ago Keeping a dignified silence...good going SRK!! :))
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Shaina_b 9 years ago He is a true gentleman!!!!!

He is behaving about this in a very dignified way!!!!!

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bholabear 9 years ago See, even now he is a true gentleman, family man. I respect him so much for this dignified behavior.

Keep rocking, Shah Rukh.
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..Ananya.. 9 years ago SRk knows he doesn't need to say anything..certain things need to be kept in private while others are using the same thing to catch some cheap attention..
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BIackSwan 9 years ago i respect shah for maintaining his silence while jokers joked around
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