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Jay Mehta's show gets its final title in...

Its not Tara Veena Shyam for Jay Mehta but...

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Tellybuzz was the first to report about Jay Mehta coming up with his new show for Star Desh. The Gujarati show was titled Tara Veena Shyam which tells the story of two sisters and their lives.

The latest we hear is that the shoot for the show has already begun and the channel has changed the title from Tara Veena Shyam to Jode Rahejo Raj.

We have also reported about the lead casts where Vimi Bhatt (last seen in Star Plus' Kayamath) and Vrinda Dawda (a perfect bride contestant on Star Plus) will play the sisters. Names like Sharad Vyas and Rupa Divetia were also reported to be part of the cast.

The latest update on the cast says that Nitin Trivedi who was seen along with Rupa Divetia in Sony TV's Kkusum will essay the father of two daughters in the show opposite Rupa.

A source under the condition of anonymity confirmed the buzz...

Keep watching this space for more updates...

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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.sariminoz. 9 years ago starone go to hell ...dont care about u anymore whatever u want to do make it satrdesh or bring story of two three or many more sisiters ...i really don care ...not only me here many viewer will nt watch ur stupid boring sas bhu type channel...
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HmmBrazen 9 years ago I agree wid ksgianlover, dis dis transformed version of starone wich will be called stardesh is going to be utter big flop man. And i hope it does they deserve it for not bringing DMG3 back. Hate dis new "better TRP" channel.2011-08-30 11:18:58
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-kinjal- 9 years ago May god bless U wid... all success channel but U played the tacticks of gutting out young loyal viewer of starone by playing TRP, tam meter what and what not. We understood there is nothing like TRP or any thing It is easily managebleby the channel to dissappoint viewers. Starplusand star one andsome are easyly playing this games for there own profits and whynot it is not for charity we know but why to embaress ppl ya go ahead first U say its a hindi channel and again U say Gujrati band why See Iam frm banglore Iwatch starone since Remix days when i was only 14yrs bcz the programes are completely very different. See now DLMH,pkyekGeet are all very different I can bet no seq ever repeat in them. DLMH is about emerging young polititians and there life, PKYEK is a imaginary vampire story. Geet is a story of young girl wid immence courage nothing is common. Now 2bahino ki kahani sasural simar ka 2bahino ki kahani uttran,5 baheno ki kahani preeto,again dobaheno ki kahanichoti si zindzgi ,crap ya jewelary and sarees modelling stories wid no proper storyline always celebrating festivals for TRPs false high points. YAAAK...If U guys think rural stories are doing well add some of them but make it stereotypic like colours, starplus a big noo no. A channel shd have all the colours rural and urban and different cultures mix and not confined to a perticular state. If it want go wid lag guj whatelse to say the name star desh is wrong for that it shd be star gujrati right.I wanted to ask why so many guj shows in hindi channels are guj so much involved in TVs that they give more TRPs.Sathiya, gulal,RBO,dharampatni,papad pol. krishnabenkakakrawala what and what not.Oh god save this channel frm stereotyping and copying eachother.2011-08-30 05:17:31
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avi_k_ 9 years ago End star one soon.bored of
pkyek one has
nothing after End of Dill mill
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kathie_berns 9 years ago Once Geet ends bye bye to star one oops star desh. I still cant believe the love of my life GHSP is ending. How could star one be so cruel to us? I have already decided to stop watching Geet so whatever, best of luck to your show..
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bahi. 9 years ago star desh will go down if they end our GHSP
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lizzie1765 9 years ago if they brought a similar concept like that of rang badalti odhani i wouldnt mind , even RBO had a gujarati background but these 2 sisters drama i dont llike it !!!!!!! the best shows of starone are RBO ,pyaar ki ek kahani & geet !!!!!!2011-08-29 08:10:34
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Courageous_Leo 9 years ago God saves us...
@RajinI think u r a followerr of Saas bahu shows...The present shows r really good...If u dnt like them,...Its entirely ur pov..The show hav got nt only national...nbt more international viewers...People become fans of a show when thy love it...Thy comment on the channel websites...Becoz of the same reason...

Well in the entertainment industry...TRP is the king...tht's y many crap shows continue...despite nt having a storyline...Bt THr r othr factors 2 it...which decide TRP...One is reach n other is positioning...

SP is the first channel 2 introduce saas bahu stuff in Indian tv industry...Colors got popularity becoz it started of with highlighting social issues which attracted large no of audience...Wht will b the USP OF STAR DESH...COPY OF SP...Y WOULD ANY1 WATCH THIS CHANNEL...WHEN OTHERS R OFFERING THE SAME THING???...SISTER-SISTER GAME IS AVAILABLE IN ALMOST ALL CHANNELS...SO WHT'S SO DIFFEERENT N ENTERTAINING ABT THIS SHOW...??? SO has the history of producing good shows...which r loved by audience...their target is Youth n nt uncles n aunties...Iam sure no saas bahu viewer take the pain 2 watch the show on Internet...IF Thy miss the viewer of SO shows do so...

N If business is evrythng thn soon v can expect Cartoon Network,History channel...Discovery channel showing Saas bahu craps...Afterall business chahiye na...


WEll if saas bahu craps r the essence of Indian tv...thn all the trends shown cheating ur wife...rona dhona...Stereotyping women...either thy r SATI SAVITRI OR CHUDAIL...r all the essence of Indian tv...Vry stinking essence...

Last bt not the least...Change is inevitable...Tht's y SO changing 2 SD...n Im sure the day is not far when the very essence of Indian tv cha...
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lasya1997 9 years ago star desh sucks...y always indian tv producers come up with the concept of saas bahu...indian serial means saas bahu...dont they get any other concepts...
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Jahapana6packs 9 years ago starone i mean would be stardesh
r u seriously out of ur mind???? this show is gonna suck badly mark my words n the name ''wah wah'' shittest name ever
do u actually think a show like this will give u trp which name is rubbish n as of story:
dont u think we have had enough of these two sisters story ????
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