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Jay Dudhane- Aditi Rajput outsmart Sapna Malik- Dhruv Malik; get Samarthya Gupta evicted from Splitsvilla X3

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

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Contestants of Splitsvilla.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. In the previous episode, team Aditi won against team Kat. The team consisted of Aarushi Chib, Nikita Bhamidipati and Aditi.

In the upcoming episode, issues between Nikhi-Pallak and Shivam aggravate. Nikhil doesn’t like Shivam trying to pair up with Pallak. Bhoomika too stated that she somewhere likes Nikhil which hurt Pallak. The contestants received a shocking news that from now onwards, golden villa will only be for the ideal matches and hence, Nikhil- Bhoomika and Nikita-Samarthya were asked to vacant the gold villa and join the silver side.

In the golden opportunity challenge winners Dhruv, Nikita and Aarushi paired up Sapna, Samathya and Trevon respectively. The challenge was supposed to be performed by four couples and hence Pallak-Shivam and Nikhil-Bhoomika pitched to the contestants. The couples chose Pallak and Shivam to perform and be the fourth couple. The first and second couple to finish the task will win.

The task will be called ‘Moja hi Moja’. It was performed in stages. While in the first stage Pallak was last one to finish the task, she did cope up well. Sapna was the first one to rescue Dhruv and win the challenge followed by Pallak. Sapna-Dhruv and Shivam- Pallak won the task and secured immunities.

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In the dome session, Nikita locked horns with Shivam. Kat and Kevin got a power to save one contestant. They saved Nikita. Among Shivam-Pallak and Dhruv-Sapna, the maximum votes went to Sapna-Dhruv hence they were selected to go in front of the oracle. Ideal match Jay and Aditi got the power to dump one contestant, but if Sapna-Dhruv becomes an ideal match, they could snatch the power from Jay and Aditi by guessing the person they would dump. If the guess is correct, Sapna-Dhruv can dump anyone from their choice and if they guess it wrong, Jay-Aditi gets the power to dump.

Sapna and Dhruv mentioned Bhoomika’s name to be dumped. They turned out to be the ideal match. The duo was asked to guess the name in Jay-Aditi’s cue card. After thinking for a while, Sapna and Dhruv took Aarushi’s name. The tables turned as the guess was wrong. Jay and Aditi wrote the most obvious name which was of Samarthya. Sapna-Dhruv thought that Jay-Aditi wouldn’t write a very obvious name. Samarthya Gupta got evicted from MTV Splitsvilla X3.

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