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I've probably done something that I've never done before: Aamir Ali

Aamir Ali, currently gearing up for Naxalbari, got talking about the character and the series in detail, and here's what he has to say about it.

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When the critically acclaimed trailer of Naxalbari, a yet another promising web show starring an ensemble cast of few talented faces, Aamir Ali came across as a surprise package. The actor known for his good looks, flamboyance & also impeccable comic timing as Bajrang Pandey is seen as a sharp-suited gentleman on the show who seems to be a man of more actions and fewer words. 

Without delving into more details about his new role, Aamir shares, ''I play an industrialist who is a go-getter, headstrong & may appear to be insensitive to his surroundings. But what can be intriguing is you'll never know the why behind what he does which makes it more interesting. I cannot talk much about it which takes away the mystery element. For that, you have to watch the show. It is a show that was entirely shot in the peak of the pandemic & we are so proud of it & we hope to create a history.''

''Everything about Keswani pushed me to work on myself harder. In the midst of Covid, I went & sat through my acting workshops to get this particular character right. It is something I have never done before & it wasn't easy. This will be my first webshow & I'm giving it all that I got, probably a lot more,'' he adds.


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