'It's time we ask for a civil system to address issues' - Kiran Bedi

Magsasay award recipient, Dr. Kiran Bedi talks about her new show, which will be Indian television's first out-of-court forum for dispute resolution launching soon on Star Plus, 'Aap Ki Kachehri'...

Dr. Kiran Bedi is a name that has been written permanently in the history of Indian Police. She is India’s first highly ranked police officer with the prestigious Magsaysay Award to her credit.

An author of several books and a columnist with leading newspapers and magazines, the very popular lady always comes up with unique and innovative means of solving problems for which she is given high respect and regard by the people of India. Dr. Kiran is now all set to host a new show, ‘Aap Ki Kachehri' to be launched by Star Plus very soon. We caught up with her to know more about this show and how it is beneficial to the society.

“This show will help us in filling the vacuum in society. There are so many disputes, agony and pain prevailing which needs immediate attention. In the earlier days, we had joint families where the concerns were addressed to elders at home or the Panchayats used to take care of the issue. Now that we are seeing more of nuclear families, there is no means of solving disputes inside the family. The police or the court have their priorities and now terrorism being the major priority, social issues are sidelined and the families have to wait for long or hire an expensive arbitrator. There is no third forum that exists which can solve the disputes. This particular show is the means of solving such disputes so that it can be addressed before it’s too late”, says the super cop.

With a high aim and dream in her eyes, Dr. Kiran quipped, “My sole reason for taking up this show is that it’s according to my orientation. I have always been involved in activities like counseling and solving disputes”. Dr. Kiran also holds the credit for running two NGO’s Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation which reaches to many beneficiaries daily in various areas which is also the aim of this show. “Family counseling I believe is very essential as the families will only then realize what went wrong. My daughter has acted in my serial named, ‘Galti Kiski’ which also deals with such social issues. I have always been concerned with social issues and dealing with them is close to my heart”, says India’s most admired woman.

When asked how the families can approach and what types of cases she will be dealing with, she quipped, “They can approach via the channel. STAR Plus has been publicizing the show everywhere including the villages. I will be dealing with all cases like conflicts within the family, money disputes, senior citizen disputes, dowry/sexual harassment etc. The only requirement is that both the sides should be present to discuss the issues. We cannot talk and solve with one particular party as it is important to listen to the concerns of both the sides”. As the title suggests, all happens in a court. So will there be any jury which will take decisions? “There is no jury and there is no order that will be passed. I will be probing the two sides to solve the issue. These are not cases that have been registered in the court, but it belongs to the common man”.

The lady being known for giving some positive advices to the society, shares with us the message society will receive from this show. “It is time for us to think why we have not created a civil system that can address our issues. We need to ask ourselves, where is the society that used to help us in solving problems. Why have we ignored the system that helped us and now repenting for the same?” quips Dr. Kiran. The youth always looks forward to you. So, on what way is this show beneficial to the youth? “The youth has lot to gain from this show. The right message has to be passed in the right way to them. The issues of accommodation, sharing, bad habits etc will be addressed in this show and that we need a civil system that can help solve these issues in the society. The youth can help in creating this system”, says the social activist Kiran Bedi.

Aap Ki Kachehri is one of those rare shows which will help the society in dealing with social issues and various disputes. And with Dr. Kiran Bedi as the arbitrator, this show is sure to spread positive vibes through out the society.

Reporter and Author: Anuradha

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If the aim of the show is fulfiled then it would bring a new change to the society

15 years ago

I really like the concept......I love Kiran Bedi.....good luck !!

15 years ago

Its a rip-off of American and Brit TV shows. A show like this is also being aired on a Pak. channel 4 years!!!

15 years ago

wow... now that's a show that can actually help people!!

15 years ago

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