'It's Time to Move on..', say LRL cadets with a heavy heart

SAB's Left Right Left is heading for a major change in story line. With the production house anouncing the the 6 actors were sacked, here are the ex-cadets telling their sid of the story..

After the sacking notice came out in the media, there was mixed reaction from the six cadets of Left Right Left. Some found it too humorous, while some felt bad and even got emotional.

Ghazal Rai laughs it out and says, "I did not sign the second season. So how can I get sacked." Vikas and Kunal Kapoor both are too happy to be actually out of the show. "I can go on an say 10,000 things about him or his people, but then there would be no difference between me and him, and I intentionally and deliberately don't want to be him. We all were desperate to get out of LRL. I am quite happy and content and there's no stress otherwise", says Vikas laughingly and then adds, "I am really happy to be back with my dancing, back with my kick boxing and exercises everyday." Kunal too felt the same and said, "I just don't want to be part of this issue that he has started, so dont even want to comment on his charges. I am really enjoying myself and am happy to be out of this project."

As to the articles being there in the media, Arjun says,"He is now denying he even spoke to the media on the matter, which we all know is not true. What was the need for spoiling our names?"
Harshad Chopra was more forthcoming on the issue. "When we requested him to take out another article to clarify the stand,he refused."

All the cadets are taking the sacking notice in a very upbeat mood. Priyanka says, "The cadets had to graduate to become officers and new ones take the place in the show." Arjun and Harshad felt it is nothing short of a myth on production house's thinking. They had already informed the production house to ease them out so where sacking issue does comes? Harshad felt he has learnt a lesson as far as signing contracts goes and added a message for all new comers "For anybody who is starting his career in acting, any beginner, before signing any contract, do show it to CINTA people."

The actors had lot of issues against the creatives too. They all felt that the story was not going anywhere. Moreover with writers getting changed every other day, things turned worse. "They have a responsibility to explain a scene to an actor for him to do the scene. All these six characters are well defined, your writer gets changed and every other day the new person changes your character. Alekh suddenly cannot start speaking in English instead of the tapori one and I had to sit and make the changes. And they call these tantrums," an emotional Arjun informed us. Harshad too shared almost similar views. "A show like this needs a very strong creative. Here they don't even have a full fledged creative. They wanted me to flirt with Naina when in the story I got rakhi tied by her!".

In closing, "It's really sad that we were given a different picture altogether as to how our part ended in the story. Every body has given their sweat and blood to the show. But even after giving this kind of dedication, this is what we get in return," came the emotional reply from Harshad.

Author: Barnali

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Ghazal Rai

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Comments (38)

Handsome Kunal Karan Kapoor.

5 years ago

I am waiting for Kunal Karan Kapoor to be back with a bang.

5 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor waiting for your come back...

7 years ago

You rock as Yudi Kunal Karan Kapoor. We miss you.

7 years ago

amazing performance Kunal Karan Kapoor! i just love this show!

8 years ago

Kunal Karan Kapoor you are the best actor in the world !! keep it up !!!

8 years ago

Miss the cadets but I think if the production team and creatives didn't care and just insulted them than I'm glad that they are gone. At least they got better shows and better productions and cvs.

11 years ago

awww I miss all the six cadets!!
Alekh's honesty, his talking style everything.
Huda his own BG music and the way loved Naina unconditionally. I don't know what happpened in the end?
Pooja's way of talking adding the mobile lang! aww total hatke!
Ali's innocence!
Yudi's jokes haha loved them!
last but not the least
Naina Loved her dedication towards what she came to KMA for!

Missing this show :(

11 years ago

pooja, naina, yudi, huda, aalekh and ali..

m missing u all a lot..

12 years ago

Thands for the article. This is really enlightening. Harshad Chopra's advice to new commers about CINTA is very valuable.

14 years ago

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