It's time to appease Gods in Hamari Devrani...

There were few mishaps that happened on the sets of Hamari Devrani for which the cast and crew performed a special pooja to appease Gods and ward off the bad effects...But did they succeed??

The sets of Hamari Devrani was a busy place recently as the unit was preoccupied in two important shoots at the same time.. While a beautiful dance sequence of Bhakti (Krishna Gokhani) was being shot at one end, there was an urgent audition going on for a new character to enter, at the other!!

In the midst of this chaotic situation was stuck the Director of Hamari Devrani, Vikram Ghai who was literally on his toes, making his presence felt in both places. At this point of time, an incident occurred on the sets that indeed came as a shocker. “I was taking some shots of Bhakti when I lost my balance and nearly tripped on the camera that was placed nearby. Thanks to my tall stature, I could quickly push my long hand and stop the precious camera from falling.. If this was not enough, just 30 minutes after this incident, Bhumi, who plays the role of Jalpa had a bad experience in the green room when a wooden beam inside the toilet dropped down, just minutes after Bhumi came out from the toilet”, explains Director Vikram Ghai.

When Shobhnaji came to know of these incidents, she immediately called for a pooja on the sets. “Shobhnaji, our Producer is bit superstitious, so she wanted a pooja to be performed on the sets to ward off the negative forces, if any”, quips Vikram.

Ironically, the track in Hamari Devrani on the occasion of Rakhi focuses on the five Jethanis who rob Bhakti’s Laddoo Gopal(idol), thus stopping her from tying Rakhi to the idol.

As Vikram puts it, “We all thought the manner in which the Jethanis were displeasing the God on screen had caused all the mishaps on the sets. We now believe that the pooja that was performed has really appeased the Gods”.

Well, in a way it is true as the track ahead is bound to have Godly aura in the form of a Human Gopal coming before Bhakti. “We are in the process of shooting this scene wherein an eight year old kid comes before a sobbing Bhakti and introduces himself to be Gopal from her village. This scene has been given subtle effects where we depict that it is Lord Gopal who comes before Bhakti as she misses her idol, and she ties Rakhi round the little Gopal”. 

Well, all said and done, it surely seems that the God has indeed been appeased by the pooja and has descended down to the sets of Hamari Devrani!!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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I am glad to hear it.. i havent seen that movie but i do look forward to seeing yesteryear chemistry me being a teenager and all!

16 years ago

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