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It's Rahul Mahajan's Swayamvar on Imagine...

According to sources, Rahul Mahajan has given his nod for his Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine, and he will be seen as the prospective 'Dulha' in December 2009...

Published: Saturday,Sep 19, 2009 13:22 PM GMT-06:00
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Its Rahul Mahajans Swayamvar on Imagine...
Ever since NDTV Imagine successfully hosted the Swayamvar of Rakhi Sawant on National Television, the buzz has been that the next swayamvar on the channel would be of Rahul Mahajan.

According to our source, "Rahul Mahajan has finally confirmed that he will go ahead and choose his life partner thro' the swayamvar conducted by the channel. Authorities of Imagine are now busy planning the next swayamvar, and if all goes well we will see Rahul Mahajan becoming the Dulha in December 2009".

Rahul Mahajan who was part of Bigg Boss last year earned the title of being the 'Kishan Kanhaiya' of the house!! Going by this, it looks as though the groom in offer is going to have a gala time dealing with the girls who come to seek his love…

We tried calling Rahul and even sent him a text message, but he remained unavailable…

We also tried contacting the channel heads, but did not get any revert.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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cultural @cultural 14 years ago Horrible! Rahul who abused his own wife and was accused of beating her is now up for swayamvar on a national tv. I think he was also charged with illegal drug possession. NDTV should be taken to court for promoting rahul.
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hilmic @hilmic 14 years ago
Rubbish, really rubbish . rahul should gt married with Rakhi..... and settle;;;;;''' yak!!!!!!
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aponspan @aponspan 14 years ago What is wrong with Indians - which girl in her true senses would marry this jerk of a guy or should I say gay. The guy is ugly, divorced (first wife left him because he is gay) and to top it all he is from a murderous family - remember his father was murdered by his brother if I remember right!!!!
And do not forget he is a drug addict - almost died of overdose with his friend (who died).
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Preeti @-Preeti- 14 years ago Rakhi has already made fun of it by leavinf Elesh and now Rahul???
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AnjanaYYZ @AnjanaYYZ 14 years ago NDTV Imagine has lost its marbles - full & final!!
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Nikasha @Nikasha. 14 years ago Rahul Ka Swayamvar? Why not Rakhi and Rahul Ka Swayamvar?
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ksfan4eva @ksfan4eva 14 years ago y all these bigg boss participants r the part of ndtv's swayamvars...?
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raga.s @raga.s 14 years ago why nt both rakhi n he get married.....and they along with ndtv ppl go fr a yatra to himalayas...and stay happily ever after....huhhhhh...
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zee. @precious_zeba 14 years ago LoL....i hate rahul mahajan......he is a mad guy...NAUTANKI ...
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Nisha @nisha80 14 years ago lol...whts this
Ishan is rite..its shld be swyamvadhu
or Rahul wants to marry a guy ROFL
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