Its party time in Parivaar!

Recently after celebrating Mango day, now Parivaar tastes the fruit of success by completing 300 episodes.

Parivaar – Kartavya Ki Pariksha achieves a milestone as it successfully completes 300 episodes. The cast and crew of Parivaar celebrated the occasion with pomp and grandeur as they threw a bash to mark the day, with a special cake cutting and champagne popping ceremony.

Commenting on the accomplishment, the lead protagonist, Deepti Devi says, “I am really happy that the show has done so well and successfully completed 300 episodes in spite of not occupying the prime time slot. The journey of Radha has been very mysterious yet great. We are truly winners because even without receiving publicity, the show is still so popular. I hope I am part of Parivaar for a long time to come. The story is very logical and I want it to go on till eternity.”

Shantanu Agarwal, Creative Head, Miditech was equally happy with the achievement as he says, “We are very happy that the show has successfully completed 300 episodes. I think it’s a huge achievement for us as Parivaar is the first fiction show made by Miditech that has completed 300 episodes. We hope to continue achieving such milestones in the future too. We want the show to go places and that can happen only with continued audience support.”

Our heartiest congratulations to the Parivaar team and we hope they continue to rock the television.

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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West have regretted and realised of growing problems of alcohol (in UK here new law recently have banned and increased the age limit to 21).....whereas in our mother land where alcohol was an offense ....nowadays it's no more and more importantly it is promoted by ..these .....indescipline actors...

May God save India and it's culture

It seems West is adopting Indian values by spreading awareness and stopping cigratte use among kids but mature Indians are carless giving a wrong path to next generations

16 years ago

Congrats to Parivaar's team! Deepti and Faisal look good in the pictures

16 years ago

congrats for ur completion of 300 episodes...

16 years ago

hey ths so cool every1 is looking good n i agree fais n radha make a good pair

16 years ago

aw sachin? :(

wheres he

anyways congratzz

16 years ago

i love the fist pic so cute! Faisl is hott

16 years ago

I got to agree.. I like Radha with faisal's Character rather than sachin. Sachin looks younger than her no offence sachin fans!

16 years ago

where is Sachin though? :(

Deepti & Faisal look cute!

16 years ago

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