It's 'High' Tide' out here...

A special romantic honeymoon sequence shot in the middle of a rough sea in Raja Ki Aayegi will be the show's highpoint this week...

As the new week starts, Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat on Star Plus will see Yudhishter and Rani’s most romantic moment in a boat..

The special honeymoon sequence leading to their consummation was earlier planned at the shore, but later the unit decided to venture out in the rough sea to get the perfect feel and ambience for the shoot. However, things went haywire when the boat suddenly stopped and would not start at all.

Talking about the experience is Pawan Kumar, Director who says, “The scene was indeed very romantic, but a tragedy happened as we were stuck in the middle of the sea as the boat suddenly stopped. It was getting dark and all were tensed. We were making frantic calls for help, and things got worse when the boat started tossing and shaking owing to the rough weather. But somehow we managed to get rid of the situation as the steamer after making us wait for one and half hours suddenly started”.

Elaborating on the romantic sequence that was shot, he says, “The ambiance was created for the close scene between the couple, with the romantic number from Jodha Akbar playing in the background. It has been shot very nicely and should be a treat to watch!!”.

This grueling session for the unit in the midst of the rough sea started at 2 in the afternoon and ended at 5 the next morning.

Well, this intimate scene shot in the rough sea is sure to keep the audience glued!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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oh can''t wait for this them

15 years ago

cant w88 to c da epi!!thxx for da article

15 years ago

Love you TB for bringing us this awsome peice of news and pics. Can''t wait to see the epi!!

15 years ago

cant miss...the sweetest couple on tv

15 years ago

cool cnt waittt....

Love this program....

15 years ago

OMG...this has just made my eid a million times better than it already is!

Can''t wait!

15 years ago

wow! that must be a great love scene on screen and without :)

15 years ago

aww lol that really sucks,I liked this show and watched it when they gave the free preview too bad I can''t watch it anymore!

15 years ago

thanks soo much! Cant wait for the episode!

15 years ago

HAILA!!when did they get married!!UK is soo much behind...OMG I just HAVE to see this!!

15 years ago

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