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It's getting tough in Dance India Dance...

As we head towards the Grand Finale of Dance India Dance on May 30th, we see yet another talent going out of the show this week...

Published: Thursday,May 07, 2009 15:44 PM GMT-06:00
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Its getting tough in Dance India Dance...
Zee's Dance India Dance will see the popular faces of Zee TV, performing with their favorite contestants this week.

According to our source, "Surprisingly, the girls outscored the boys when it came to junta votes as Alisha bagged the highest votes this week. Siddhesh was in the second position. Salman, one of the top contenders for the Sunehri Topi was for the first time in red zone along with Sunita and Khushboo. Ultimately, it was Khushboo who went out this week".

"The mentors were shocked to see Salman in the red zone and this gave rise to an argument wherein the mentors pointed out that the show is now losing all the talented contestants, thro public votes", adds our source.

For the uninitiated, Khushboo was saved by Grand master Mithun Da from getting eliminated few weeks back thro Veto Power, but her bad performance last week did not give her another chance to stay put in the show.  

As Dance India Dance heads towards its Grand Finale on May 30th, viewers will surely be watching some power-packed performances in its final phase...

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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golgappa @golgappa 14 years ago Sunita is getting regional Vote, as simple as that..This is the drawback of Voting funda. We will see Siddesh and Sunita in final with just Geeta sitting there...Wake up guys please vote..ask your friends to Vote..
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djloveph @djloveph 14 years ago happy to hear that alisha got the highest votes...but khushboo elimination was not expected....
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mohit_bhargva @mohit_bhargva 14 years ago its fair,
others r far better than khushboo.
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leharmasti @leharmasti 14 years ago wen sunitha wil go out......
salman in red zone!!!!!!!!!! wats goin on........
mayuresh was such a superb dancer........
missin u a lot mayu.............
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago well her performance was bad last week and salman was better so it was kinda fair!
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bmtdluver @bmtdluver 14 years ago personally, i feel that sunita should get out.

if you think about it, her performances have been the worst, and is kind of the oddball in the tori of great dancers. khushboo is really good.....though i kinda wish muthunda had saved and then used his veto on mayuresh
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Ranmita @DesiGirlMita 14 years ago ALISHA RUlEZ!!!

SUNITA deserved to be OUT!!

Khusboo performed better tahn SUNITA!!

Khusboo tried her best last week..


Again,a GIRL is OUT this week!!

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apux @apux 14 years ago She deserved to be out. The veto power was wasted on her. I''m glad Alisha was highest voted!
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Suri @phenomenalgal 14 years ago finallyy she''s out!! thank GOD!
I''m sorry but Khushboo is one of the weak performers on DID...she had to go.
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maaria @pakirani 14 years ago wth!!!! why isn''t sunita getting out????
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