Its Darsheel Safary V/S Manoj Tiwari !!

Watch out as... Taare Zameen Par child actor Darsheel Safary comes in aid of Metro Rockers in GINI & JONY CHAK DE BACHCHE.

Challenge and support are the key words for this weekend on GINI & JONY CHAK DE BACHCHE on 9X. Metro Rockers will challenge Desi Dhurandhar and vice versa. Both teams will perform on the same song and what more…Metro Rockers have Darsheel Safary cheering them up while Ashraf Khan a folk singer from a small town in Rajasthan comes to support the Desi Dhurandhar's.

This week is fun filled and exciting as there is jugalbandi between metros rockers & desi dhurandhar. They challenge each other to perform on certain songs….Undoubtedly, performances from both the teams were stupendous… but will Darsheel's moral support help Metro rockers? Or will Desi Dhurandar will rock the floor again…?

Watch out for and decide for yourself…. Whom are you with? Desi Dhurandar or Metro Rocker??? Make sure not to miss the jugalbandi special on Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche this weekend Friday & Saturday , 9 pm on 9X.

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Darsheel Safary Thumbnail

Darsheel Safary

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Ashraf Khan

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awww darsheel luks so cute!
cant wait ta see it

16 years ago

darsheel came on it!
wow and loria is in it too!!!!!!!!!!!!
thnx for sharing!

16 years ago

I sooo can't wait 2 see Darsheel!!!!!!!!!!! =D

16 years ago

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