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It's a wrap up for Uttaran!

Colors' popular and one of the longest running shows, Uttaran shoots its last today.

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Film Farm Production's popular and one of the longest running shows Uttaran on Colors which consistently, managed to make its place on the TRP charts, is finally bidding adieu leaving many viewers disappointed.

The show which delved into the concept of the discrimination between poor and rich people, grabbed many eyeballs of the masses with its intriguing and depiction of episodes.  After many ups and downs in the show with many artists quitting the show and coming back to the show again, yet it maintained its position on the TRP chart.

Well coming to the show's conclusion, the concept of Uttaran, will be taken ahead by the new generation who will transform it by conveying a good message.

Uttaran which had a successful run of six long years, is shooting its last episode today. We got in touch with Tina Dutta who has been associated with the show since its inception to talk about the celebration and more...

Tina says, "It was an amazing experience being a part of Uttaran and I am associated with the show form past six years. As today is a last day, so its really a sad moment for me because I will really miss all the moments and have made lots of memories to cherish. I will have to be practical because I know after this show I might not work with the same cast and crew again but in future I might work with a few of them. I was always treated like a little kid on the set and was always pampered. Its really a sad moment for me and I am crying since morning that today is our last day. "

"This show Uttaran has given me everything, whatever I am today is all because of this show. I got fame, glamor and have grown as an actor because of this show. It has given me a lot," Tina concluded.

We also got in touch with Pratima Kazmi who was essaying the role of Nani who said, "Its really a hard day for us as our show has come to an end. It was a great experience working in Uttaran for six long years. It became a part of our life because our life used to start on the set and used to end on the set. But now from tomorrow onwards there will be a new beginning of life because an actors life is always like ek khatam to dusri shuru. But with this show we had a very long journey that is of six years because its not always possible to be a part of a show for such a long time. I had not thought that I will become so emotional and will cry but as the day is getting over, but its hard to control our emotions."

TellyBuzz wishes entire the cast and crew of Uttaran all the best for the future endeavors!

Neha Jain

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The_Trendsetter 6 years ago Good that the show is ending at last! It had been stretched for way too long! Wish Tina Dutta all the best and wish to see her soon in a new show!
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-Sud- 6 years ago Going to miss the show a lot :(
Tina Dutta and mrunal Jain rocks
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naina2010 6 years ago Thanks for ending much needed. This news is New Years treat for us.
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ABCDE2 6 years ago Thank god it's uttaran ending, it's deep long times. Great memories tapsay, veer, ichta.
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down
icecube5 6 years ago love you Uttaran
it was atleast better than so called good shows
Reply thumbs-up 4 thumbs-down
bookworm-ALS-- 6 years ago Cannot believe this! Such an overdue end! :D much needed.2015-01-09 04:08:16
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Mehek25 6 years ago Finally the show's coming to an end. It's been going on for such a long time now.
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Sea-Hawk 6 years ago Finally .. I literally celebrated the day my mom quit watching it .. it was a torture all the way .. LOL I remember me n my sis would not do our dinner at its running time as then we have to listen the dialogues n horrible BG from the show
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LimitLessFan 6 years ago God Bless Audience who survived this shows pure torture
First step of killing this show is by spoiling friendship btw children and then spoiling a love story of veer and icha, thats when i was done with veer and tapu wedding, never bothered looking back and well i saved myself hell of a torture2015-01-08 20:56:05
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tinafans 6 years ago Thank God adding..Always watched Uttaran for tina dutta..even with eyes close...Its a crap but tina is a u angel tina..all the best fr future
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