It's a Shocker this week in Nach Baliye...

After the elimination of Mohit and Aditi last week, Nach Baliye this week sees a consistent jodi bidding good bye...

Another shocking elimination takes place in Nach Baliye 4 this week as the very consistent jodi of Mouli and Mazh
er, Jodi No.8 bids goodbye. This is the first jodi from Shaava Shaava to be evicted after Karnvir-Teejay.

“It was very shocking when the names of Mazher and Mouli were announced for eliminations, as they have been performing well week after week. But the sad part was that the duo had always been in the bottom and this weekend they will be out of the show,” says our khabroo.

Along with Mouli-Mazher, Chetan-Lavinia and Daljit-Shaleen were in the bottom. The theme on Nach for this weekend will be 'Celebration'. The little hosts of last week, Aishwarya and Ali continue as hosts for this week too.

“The couple took the elimination very sportingly, and thanked the judges as well as their co-participants and audiences for loving them. It seemed as though both were prepared this time,” adds the source.

Mazher and Mouli danced on the song Rut aagayi re… from the film 1947 Earth. They were in the attire of peacock and moved their feet very well to the melodious music.

Mouli got little emotional at the end as she has made many new friends in Nach. “She was pretty fine when their name was announced for elimination, but as soon as the co-contestants came on stage to hug her, she got little emotional. The host Aishwarya also cried on their exit,” concludes our source.

It looks like there are many more shocks awaiting us in Nach... Keep watching this space for the same…

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Rachana Trivedi
Author : Rachana Trivedi

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i think its unfair... i think they should atleast be in the semi finals.. Reshmi and Amit should be out now.. ShaJit got 30 3 times straight & thy were in bottom thats a shocker...Even Naman and Megha are average.. i just wish ShaJit and KanJali reach top 2.. My Favz..

15 years ago


15 years ago

Omg...No No No! Im soooooo shocked. They were THE BEST Dancers. I am unable to believe this. It''s ridiculous.

15 years ago


15 years ago

ohhh noo how can they be eliminated!!they''re soo good their performance every week is soo good...thats really not fair!!they shud come back!!

15 years ago

they shuld be back in wild card i really like them....but i guess i cant vote in usa....which is unfair.....

15 years ago

well this is ridiculous!! the final should have been between mouli-mazher and shaleen-daljit. it would have been the most interesting final! and both were equally deserving to win! i cant believe how one of the most talented jodis could be evicted!! i just hope shaleen-daljit remain till the end, but even that looks risky with them always being in the bottom!!

15 years ago

They were the ideal couple to win this times Nach Baliye but then again public voting is probably the most unpredictable thing ever ain''t it!

15 years ago

shaleen daljeet in bottom 2
this is really shocking
this time nb is full of twists and shocks
elimination of mauli mazher was expected

15 years ago

Its shocking news.... But something expected as this was going to happen.... Mauli-Mazar were in bottom 2 most of the time. I am more shock to see Shaleen-Daljit in bottom 2.

15 years ago

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