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It’s a huge responsibility on the new cast as the fans love Meher-Sarab: Adhik Mehta of Choti Sardarni

Actor Adhik Mehta who plays the character of Karan in Colors’ show ‘Chhoti Sardarni’ opens up the responsibilities on the new cast, his bond with cast members and more.

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Adhik Mehta

Courtesy : Adhik's Instagram

Colors’ TV show ‘Choti Sardarni’ is loved by the viewers. The show is produced by Cockrow Entertainment and Shaika Films. The show recently took a generation leap, post which many members from the old cast bid adieu to the show. Avinesh Rekhi also quit the show while Nimrit Kaur Alhuwalia has been retained. Meher and Sarab died in a fatal accident and they’re survived by their children Param, Karan and Seher.

The new batch of actors on the show includes Mahir Pandhi, Varun Toorkey, Shehzada Dhami, Adhik Mehta and Nimrit as Seher. India Forums got in touch with Adhik to know his take on bagging the show. The young actor quipped, “I remember, I was in Delhi when I got a confirmation for this project. I was quite pumped up to start shooting for such a show. It’s a huge show and people love watching it and hence I landed to Mumbai and grabbed the opportunity”.

Talking about his character, Adhik added, “I play Karanjeet Singh Gill. My character doesn’t have a filter. As in, if he is angry, he will behave furious and same with other emotions. However, in my personal life, I try to have a hold over my emotions and act accordingly. As a character, Karan loves her sister Seher a lot and want her to be the happiest. He loves his brother Param also, but right now, the track is revolving around differences between Karan and Param due to their choices for Seher”.

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When asked if it’s challenging for the new cast to grab the viewers’ attention, Adhik added, “Yes, I do believe that it’s a challenge. The new cast do have a lot of responsibilities as the viewers were in love with Meher-Sarab and wanted to see them. But, for any show to run, changes are constant and thus the makers thought of bringing in freshness in the story-line. I get many DMs on social media regarding the show. 90% people love my work. However, 10% people do send negative comments as they want to see Meher- Sarab’s story. I would like to add that I’m sure about the show making a mark in the viewers hearts all over again. The story is very intriguing and I’m sure people will fall in love with it really quick".

Speaking about his bond with the cast, Adhik said, “So, I haven’t really shot much with NImrit, but with the little interaction that we’ve had, I can safely say that she’s a very warm person and doesn’t have air about herself. I have shot most of my scenes with Shehzada and Apara Mehta ma’am and I must say, I’m having a good time. Apara ma’am never makes us feel like she’s superior, given the fact that she is so senior. I also gel along well with Shehzada aka Param”.

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