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It's a happy ending for Life OK's Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye!

Viewers of Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye, will witness Shobha and Vikram leading their life happily.

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With the closure of Balaji Telefilms' Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye on Life OK, viewers are surely going to miss the hit pair of Vikram (Apurva Agnihotri) and Shobha (Sonali Bendre), for their impeccable performance and portraying finest mature love story. While the show, puts forth the light on the struggle of  a woman and how she overcomes the same in her tough period, the show managed to grab the eyeballs of the masses with its storyline and won applause for the same.

We hear that, Ajeeb Dastaan... will end on a good note, making the viewers happy. Read to  know more about the end track.

Our sources says, "Sarika (Vivana Singh) and Samarth (Harsh Chhaya) will be arrested for their wrong doings. Vikram and Sobha will lead a happy life together."

When contacted Harsh Chhaya, he said, "It was one of my longest projects on TV. Overall it was a nice experience for me. All the actors were well established and best at their work, the entire team was very professional so no unnecessary things took place on our sets. I am happy with the outcome of the show, it was amazing to play the character of Samarth in the show."

Indeed a good end!

Phalguni Sharma

Harsh Chhaya Sonali Bendre Apurva Agnihotri Vivana Singh Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye  Life OK 

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pmnt 5 years ago Vikram Ahuja rocks. Waiting for your new show2015-08-23 22:40:40
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ddsoaps 6 years ago Thaks to Balaji house for revolutionizing TV with a finite show of excellent calibre.

From veteran actors, to story concept and execution was classy and crisp.

Harsh Chhaya, Sonali Bendre, Apoorva Agnihotri and the rest of the EK team with their leader Sandiip Sikcand created a quality product in terms of storyline, concept, screenplay, styling and set design.

It may have not appealed to the masses or climbed the charts but appealed to a very niche audience.

Hope other PHs take a cue and dare too...
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mrinzi810 6 years ago Finally a happy ending! Heart Apurva Agnihotri and Sonali Bendre rock. Love Vikram Shobha!
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available1 6 years ago we, as a smart audience asking for a good and unique show but at the same time a show like this v dont accept at all. how will makers provide us with such shows when they wl not get gud numbers?
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goofyCat 6 years ago It was a good show with power packed brilliant performances. Will remember it for crisp, mature story and for the actors. Harsh Chhaya, Sonali Bendre and Apoorva Agnihotri all were good!!
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xxMATSxx 6 years ago Oh good ill watch the last few epusodes. Show was sooo cringeworthy after samarth came back.
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ananya2000 6 years ago Good show...sad for ending...
Harsh Chhaya &Apurva Agnihotri
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ravluvssarun 6 years ago This was a fabulous show with amazing acting!! the story was fab & vikram n shobha has amazing chemistry! gonna miss the show aswell as vikram-shobhas pair :( happy its ending on a good note! :) hats of to apurva , sonali, and the whole team for awesome acting!!
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shanti05 6 years ago Brillant show and amazing actors looking fwd to the remaining 10 episodes.. Sonali's debut charcater Shobha is beautiful just reel as real!! Harsh has has stuck to his charcater , Apurva is brillant as Vikram Ahuja one most awesome & tall & dignified male protagonists made for the indian Television Spectrum .. Mature & crisp Story telling & Raw Robust & Real ! Hats of to all the amazing talent of the team of ADHY !! A finite series show of international standards !! Hope it wins awards for good storytelling & the lead protagonists amazing chemistry & the leads for their roles!!
Kudos to #ADHY !!
Goodness will prevail & Hope Vikram Sir gets his Shobha beside him!!
The beautiful character he is deserves love and happiness & hope Shobha acknowledges it !!
Looking fwd to the coffee brewing Perfectly Vikram served with love Shobha !!
2015-02-23 05:20:01
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samicute 6 years ago Will miss Sonali & Apurva the most & the show as well.
A good show after ages
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