'It will be a painful death for Prithviraj' - Anas Rashid

Anas Rashid who essays the larger-than-life role of Prithviraj Chauhan in the Star Plus show talks about the logical conclusion of the show..

Star Plus' successful epic show Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, a Sagar Arts Productions, will meet with its logical conclusion in the end of March.

Confirming this, Anas Rashid who plays the mighty warrior Prithviraj Chauhan says "Yes, it is true that the show will see its climax in March. I really feel honored to have played this larger than life role of Prithviraj".

When asked about the logical ending the show will get, Anas quips, "Prithviraj will meet with a very painful end. I cannot bear the feelings as I am shooting the finale sequences, wherein the great warrior is tortured to death. For example, there is one scene wherein Samar Singh sees a dream in which Prithvi is hanging by a chain, and warriors are whipping him. Blood runs thro' his eyes, which are pierced. As an actor, I feel satisfied and convinced with the way I am depicting the pain and agony of the person. But my advice to the loyal watchers of the show is to be mentally prepared, if they want to see the manner in which Prithvi meets with his end. Having said this, I will advise heart patients to stay away from the last two episodes of the show".

Prithviraj's death is actually termed as a 'Yug Ka Anth', when the ruler is left crippled after the death of all his very supportive friends and family men. "They kill his ego by killing his very close associates. They leave him spineless and finally end up killing the warrior too", concludes Anas.

Indeed, the life and death of Prithviraj Chauhan is a tale to be remembered forever in history!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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i feel like crying :(
he said, he is shooting for final episodes already. n i dont want Prithvi''s end to b shown such horribly. d only thing i hope is they show tht prithvi killed ghori thru his ''shabd bhedi ban vidya''
gonna miss this show :(

15 years ago

how painful must be in real life of prithviraj chauhan ...hats off to him !!!

15 years ago

i am a great fan of this show ,this show is simply superb
but why it is ending so soon ???
yes the story of prithvi raj chauhan is very painful

anas is a great actor !!!
the show is very very emotional !!!

15 years ago

it sucked your mothers big fat indian dick

15 years ago

oh gosh... will be a painful episode... thanks for the article.

15 years ago

Its a tribute 2 d king prithvi raj chauhan

15 years ago

PRC was my fav show..PRC had a very painful ending...oh god

15 years ago

Oh God,vryyyyy painful ending.PRC is a vry gud show.Anas is a superbb actor.I really like him.After prc we want 2 c anas in other shows.

15 years ago

Oh no i''m not ready for this show to be over i don''t understand why the producers are rushing to end it.
Will have to get the tissues ready for the final episodes

15 years ago

this show is really good
why is it ending
sooo sad

15 years ago

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