'It was indeed a Dream Shaadi' - Juhi Parmar

Juhi Parmar the newly-wed bride talks about her wedding, and life after marriage in an exclusive talk to Telly Buzz..

Juhi Parmar is on seventh heaven after her marriage to Sachin Shroff last week. "It's a great feeling, but I have to admit that it's yet to sink in that I am finally married".

She goes on. "It was a dream shaadi, I have to thank my father and my family for all the lovely arrangements. Some of my friends were sad when the two day celebrations ended, for they were having such a lovely time. Even my industry colleagues had a blast. Ritaji (Rita Bahuduri) told me that after having so much lovely food, she will have to diet for a month".

The blushing bride then added. "The wedding was a complete Rajput affair with both the bride and groom arriving on Palkis. When Sachin saw my procession coming, he could not help but whistle. But being a decent guy, he first asked for my father's permission. Then his mom joined in the party, and told him not to seek permissions from anyone, as it was his own wedding (laughs).

Another funny incident was the ritual where the groom had to find the ring and on failing, he had to face some punishment. Sadly, Sachin failed and my friends and relatives made him do some funny things", she remembers with a smile.

Ask Juhi whether she cried when her doli left her maayka and the newly wed quipped, "Nahi I did not cry at all. In fact I asked my parents why they were weeping. So in that case, you can say I am not your traditional bride (grins)".

So how has life changed since you have shifted to Sachin's pad? "Actually not much, for my mother-in-law is very sweet. She takes so much care of me that I have to say, Mom please stop.  But yes, my feelings towards Sachin have changed. Since I am not shooting these days, I wait for him to come home every evening like other normal wives do", avers Juhi. 

Finally, ending all speculations about their honey moon plans which they kept a closely guarded secret, Juhi announced that will be leaving for New Zealand early next month.  "This getaway is very important, as a newly wed couple needs a certain privacy, which they other wise will not get", she ends.

Telly Buzz wishes the couple a long and happy married life.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Juhi Parmar

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Sachin Shroff

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Congrats to both Sachin and Juhi.............

15 years ago

I am sooo happy for them. It seems like just yesterday when I read the tellybuzz article that Sachin was looking for someone to love!!

15 years ago

Thnx for the article... m really happy after seeing her happiness...

15 years ago

congrats to both
she iz so sweet
she waits for sachin
so cute
loved the way how she described that he described that he whisthled

15 years ago

All the best to both of them and have a great married life!

15 years ago

Juhi looks Princess
My jaan
oh woowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
M soooooooooooooooo happy 4 her
Congratulations Juhi n Sachin
My prayers always with u
I Love Juhi Always 4 ever

15 years ago

juhi looking awsum
congratulation & wish u a very happy married lige
ohhhhh sachin ka intezaar
pure pati vrata patni
m sooooooooooooo happy 4 her

15 years ago

Congratulations Juhi wishing u very happy marriwed life .

15 years ago

Juhi looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day!! Her wedding dress was beautiful, and she was glowing! Wish the newlyweds all the best :D

15 years ago

oh finnaly a juhi interview after marriage! thnx sooooo much IF! <3 MUAH she was luking luvly on her wedding day! :D n u kno sumtinhg evry1? im plannign 2 get married rajput styl now! lolz after seeing her wedding i also wanna enter on a palkis! heheheh seriousli..i wanna get married in jaipur! lolz n @ Bini311 - i kno..when hussain said dat i strted screaming w/ happiness! lolz <3 but if juhi is going on her honeymoon nex month n isnt shooting now...will dis means dat dere will b a huge gap b4 sumit- kumkum reunite?? :''( noooo! but hope she has fun in NZ! :D n lolz sachin whihctling! hahahah dey r sooo cute! :D wish dem all da happiness! :D luv u juhi-sachin! <3

15 years ago

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