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'It takes two to tango' - Daljit Kaur

Newlywed Daljit Bhanot seems very happy with her marriage and shares the secrets of a successful marriage, exclusively with TellyBuzz...


At a time when you hear cases of marriages floundering left right and centre, TV stars Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Bhanot come across as a whiff of fresh air. This very much in love couple will soon complete six months of matrimony.  Daljit who has done shows like Choona Hai Aasmaan and Santaan says "Before marriage, I was apprehensive as many people had told me scary tales, but now having gone through the process myself, I recommend marriage to everybody. It gives your life the much needed stability and purpose.  And in spite of all talk of doing your own thing, we want someone with whom who we can share all our joys and sorrows."

Daljit further says "Shaleen's family has treated me very well. Whenever I feel homesick,  Shaleen immediately takes me to  Pune ( her home town), so that I can be with my parents". Further talking like a traditional Indian girl, Daljit quips, "A  girl also needs to do her bit to endear herself to her in-laws. It always takes two to tango".
On many a marriages failing, she quips, "It's quite sad to see youngsters not making an effort to save their marriage.  I know the Herculean efforts that take to get a marriage done in the first place, my parents breathed a sigh of relief after my ceremony got over."  

On life after marriage, she states, "I try and make sumptuous dishes for him, sometimes they work while at other times they go horribly wrong; but my darling never even utters a word, he just says it was good. Only later when I taste it, do I realize that something was amiss.  I guess he realizes that I am doing it out of love. Being the youngest daughter in the house, I had never even stepped in my maika's kitchen."

Have the number of sweet nothing telephone calls and SMS's dropped as months of marriage now pass? "We never really bombarded each other even during the courtship period. Coming from a traditional background, neither of us believe in PDA (public display of affection).,"said she. 

When asked on the reason for their happy marriage, Daljit quickly states, "Love and more importantly, we agree to disagree. We too have our share of differences, but we never let it fester, e. g after a fight, I will not sit with a grumpy face at the breakfast table.  Shaleen will not throw a tantrum before going to work either."

Daljit would love to come back to work. "But I need something really good for me to leave the comfort of my Lokhandwala home. There were a couple of offers, but they did not work out". She would love to do one more reality couple dance show after winning Nach Baliye 4. Would you and Shaleen want to work together again? "Why not, just pray that producers think of such projects."

Daljit is very proud of her hubby's performance in Do Hanson Ka Jodaa. "It was quite tough for him to essay a role which was mile apart from him.  Suryakamal is very reserved and sensitive. While in real life Shaleen is a very jovial kind of guy, who is always the centre of attraction.  Many times he comes back from sets complaining that he has got a head ache after crying so much, I guess he is doing what most female leads do. That in itself is a big thing to do in the atmosphere where TV is ruled by the fair sex", gushes the proud wife.

In closing we asked the question which everybody has been pestering them with i.e., their long overdue honeymoon?. "We just might take off for a few days only to satisfy our friends and well-wishers.  On a more serious note, he is quite busy and we don't need a break as we have each others company", she signs off.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani


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nish0910 10 years ago awww they are soo cute together!! I wish you both a happy and wonderful married life! :)
sweet_angel27 10 years ago These two are so cute together <3
Mazzy101 10 years ago aww thts soo sweet! may thy always be happy!
Ethereal-Path 10 years ago wow... dey r really cute...
i remember during the finale of nach baliye i cried soooo much cz of happiness .. i badly wanted dem to win... lol

All d best to both of you... u make a heavenly couple...god bless u guys.....Big smile
-Sneha 10 years ago Wish there were more sensible girls like her around. The first time I saw them on Nack Baliye, somehow, they clicked. And her views are extremely well-sought out and very mature....
sumonetolub 10 years ago theyre so adorable!........god bless :).......naina
bubbly@12 10 years ago loved the jodi in nach baliye...all the best 4 their future
-Nadii- 10 years ago Luve them both, SHe is soo sweet, each time I talk with her about wedding and how it is, she keeps telling its the best::D
J3ny 10 years ago Love daljit n shaleen
God bless them both...:) :)

--Angel.Nidhi 10 years ago May both of them live happily ever after!
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